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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Home Bio Contact Saturday, December 22, 2018 Lean Startup in New Places: The Lean Startup Conference 2018 Tweet So much happened when the Lean Startup Community came together in Las Vegas last month for this year’s conference that I’m still ...
http://www.startuplessonslearned.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

TransIP - Reserved domain

TransIP - Reserved domain
http://99startuplessons.nl Domain (1 from this site)

codediesel - Data and Databases

Data and Databases
https://www.codediesel.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Python time sleep() Method

Python time sleep() Method - Learn Python in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Python Syntax Object Oriented Language, Methods, Tuples, Tools/Utilities, Exceptions Handling, Sockets, GUI, Extentions, XML Programming.
https://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/time_sleep.htm Domain (1 from this site)

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.5: VACUUM

Home About Download Documentation Community Developers Support Donate Your account 8th November 2018: PostgreSQL 11.1, 10.6, 9.6.11, 9.5.15, 9.4.20, and 9.3.25 Released ! Documentation → PostgreSQL 9.5 Supported Versions: Current ( 11 ) / 10 / 9.6 / 9.5 / 9.4 Development Versions: devel Unsupported ...
https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.5/sql-vacuum.html Domain (1 from this site)

Welcome - Python Django Tutorials

The Django Book - comprehensive Python Django Tutorials, easy to understand Django documentation and more!
https://djangobook.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

9 tuplesys – engineering • research • technology • solutions

Home BIM Data integration Analysis Design Engineering Solutions Worldwide projects Steel structures Concrete structures Timber structures Special structures Engineering Innovation Training Contact Search for: Search 9 tuplesys engineering • research • technology • solutions Skip to content Home BIM Data integration A
http://www.9-tuplesys.ro/ Domain (1 from this site)

James C. Loach

Data science, particle physics and the Chinese language.
http://www.jamesloach.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Learn Python Programming | Python For The Lab

Lear how to develop Python Applications that work in your lab.
https://www.pythonforthelab.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Zframez Test Protocols bit by bit

L2 L3 Protocol testing services company based in bangalore providing protocol testing services , protocol testing courses for datacom protocols and python training for automation
https://www.zframez.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Problem Solving with Python

Website companion for the book Problem Solving with Python by Peter D. Kazarinoff
https://problemsolvingwithpython.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


https://xbuba.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

GeekStuff | Linux and coding guides

Linux and coding guides
http://geekstuff.org Domain (1 from this site)

Python language de programmation apprendre cours tutoriaux django informatique dévelopement web internet script

Python language programmation documentation cours débutant expert cour tutoriel informatique apprendre Django dévelopement script web internet tuto
https://python-django.dev/ Domain (1 from this site)

Sur l'Octuple Sentier ...

Sur l'Octuple Sentier... : 8 pas à faire vers l'éveil. Commençons par le premier: une vision juste !
http://surl-octuplesentier.blogspirit.com Domain (1 from this site)

Python for healthcare modelling and data science – Snippets of Python code we find most ...

Below is an index of posts by topic area. To the right is a search box. Python basics Introduction, and installing python for healthcare modelling (video on installing and using the Spyder code editor and runner). Lists Nested Lists Tuples Sets Dictionaries Sorting and sub-grouping ...
https://pythonhealthcare.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

Python Dates

https://www.w3schools.com/python/python_datetime.asp Domain (1 from this site)

Free Python Course for Beginners

Free Python Programming Computer Course for complete beginners. Suitable for Linux, Mac and Windows users.
https://www.homeandlearn.uk/ Domain (1 from this site)

Murray's Blog | Murray Cumming. Software Developer. Parent.

Murray's Blog Murray Cumming. Software Developer. Parent. Menu Skip to content Search for: Brain, refactored December 7, 2018 General android , angular , C++ , go , ios , java , libsigc++ , scala murrayc For a long time I was too busy to learn ...
https://www.murrayc.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Liste des billets|Yann Moisan

<!-- description -->
http://yannmoisan.com Domain (1 from this site)


Some thoughts on writing simple code and other random ramblings.
https://minhajuddin.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Effective Computation in Physics - O'Reilly Media

More physicists today are taking on the role of software developer as part of their research, but software development isn’t always easy or obvious, even for physicists. This practical book teaches essential software development skills to...
http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920033424.do Domain (1 from this site)

Ben Russo

Benjamin Russo's Teaching and Research Portfolio
http://benrussomath.com Domain (1 from this site)

Best online course to learn softwares in India – Codeseeker

Codeseeker is the best online course for learning. Where you get bunch of software languages to learn under one platform.Learn programming, data science and more.
https://codeseeker.co/ Domain (1 from this site)

Java Specialists

This advanced Java newsletter will answer all your questions about Java ;-) We also offer Java courses, code reviews and consulting.
https://www.javaspecialists.eu/ Domain (1 from this site)

:: Documentation for Hugo Learn Theme

Course Materials for Nina Zakharenko Introduction and Intermediate Python on Front End Masters
https://learnpython.netlify.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Java, Integration and the virtues of source

Java, Integration and the virtues of source Skip to content Home About ← Older posts Important Production bugs and fixes for Storm and Kafka integration Posted on April 9, 2017 by Adrianos Dadis I will describe here a few details for Storm and Kafka integration ...
https://sourcevirtues.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Blindly Coding

3D audio, C++, digital signal processing, and other assorted topics.
http://camlorn.net Domain (1 from this site)

Louis Dionne · Programming and Categories, Oh My!

Louis Dionne Programming and Categories, Oh My! A tentative notion of move-independence 17 Feb 2016 This post will try to answer a simple question: when is it legit to call std::move twice on the same object? While some people would say “never”, I actually think ...
http://ldionne.com Domain (1 from this site)

All About Testing - Software Testing & Ethical Hacking Fundamentals

Our website's aims to provide quality content on various topics related to fundamentals of software testing & ethical hacking.
http://allabouttesting.org Domain (1 from this site)

Pirrmann's train of thougth

Pierre Irrmann's blog on coding, and how fun it is, even in the train
http://www.pirrmann.net/ Domain (1 from this site)

Graph Theory

Graph Theory
https://www.jviotti.com/notes/graph-theory Domain (1 from this site)

Andl | Andl – A New Data Language

Andl Skip to content Start here Language Code sample Downloads ← Older posts 18/08/2016 · 9:00 pm A Paraphrase of The Third Manifesto The Third Manifesto by C. J. Date and Hugh Darwen is the culmination of more than two decades of work on defining ...
http://www.andl.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

lessons2all-Self Learning. Free animated lessons & online exam

lessons2all is a self learning school. It has free animated lessons on Information Technology & free online exam link for competitive exams
http://lessons2all.com Domain (2 from this site)

My Programming Escapades - Home

My Programming Escapades Contact Mailing list Archive Home Welcome Welcome to my blog! I've reproduced a list of recent posts here for your reading pleasure: Posts Functional Options - November 7, 2018 Linear time sorting - May 25, 2018 Integrating Jira into Google Sheets - ...
http://edofic.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Tutoriels sur Python, Java, C/C++, PHP, Node.JS

Tutoriels sur Python, Java, C/C++, PHP, Node.JS: Programmation360: Tutoriels sur Python, Java, C/C++, PHP, Node.JS
https://programmation360.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Echo One | Sequentially arranged sentences composed of words (and punctuation)

Sequentially arranged sentences composed of words (and punctuation)
https://rrees.me/ Domain (1 from this site)


Home Python C++11 C++ STL Data Science Multithreading Design Patterns About Us Privacy Policy thispointer.com C++11 Tutorials Python C++ Tutorials STL Multithreading Data Science Boost Library Boost Date Time Library Boost String Algorithms Library Design Patterns java GDB Datastructure Binary Search Tree Binary Tree L
https://thispointer.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

The Computing Zone

The Computing Zone - All things Key Stage 3 and 4 Computing and Interactive Media.
http://thecomputing.zone Domain (1 from this site)

Welcome! — Python for designers

Python for Designers by Roberto Arista Table of Contents GitHub Repository Impressum Welcome to Python for Designers This manual is an introduction to Python3 and DrawBot . It covers some language and programming basics as well as a good share of the DrawBot API. If ...
http://pythonfordesigners.com Domain (1 from this site)

Swiftjective-C | Swiftjective-C is a periodical over modern iOS software engineering. It houses tactful discussions ...

Swiftjective-C is a periodical over modern iOS software engineering. It houses tactful discussions over Swift, Objective-C and developing high quality apps while peering into various frameworks to see what makes them tick.
https://www.swiftjectivec.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

touchbee · Custom iOS and Android App Development in San Diego

touchbee provides custom mobile app development services for Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone devices in San Diego, California.
http://www.touchbee.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Polyglot Programming blog by Piotr Klibert

Exciting new programming Languages and Polyglot programming; also Emacs
https://klibert.pl/ Domain (1 from this site)

Bubblog - C# | .NET (C#) and SW Development

.NET (C#) and SW Development
https://csbubblog.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

The Data Monk

Skip to content The Data Monk Menu Home 100 Days Challenge Case Studies Puzzles eBooks About TDM Contact Us Day 22 – Python 2 – Conditional Statements One of the most important thing which you need to learn in Python is the use of conditional ...
http://thedatamonk.com Domain (1 from this site)

Linear Vibrations

A blog about Linear and nonlinear vibration analysis with examples.
http://linearvibrations.blogspot.com Domain (3 from this site)

BERT and BERT-RPC 1.0 Specification

BERT and BERT-RPC 1.0 Specification Purpose BERT and BERT-RPC are an attempt to specify a flexible binary serialization and RPC protocol that are compatible with the philosophies of dynamic languages such as Ruby, Python, PERL, JavaScript, Erlang, Lua, etc. BERT aims to be as simple ...
http://bert-rpc.org Domain (1 from this site)

Learn Python

learn python
http://learnpython.ovh Domain (1 from this site)

Hazzik's blog ·

.NET ASP.NET MVC Best practicies Blog Computed Properties DataAnnotations Decompiler Delegate Drop down lists Git Git Alias Google Google Apps Script JavaScript LINQ MvcExtensions NHibernate Persistent-Tree RenderAction Tree Tree-Hierarchy Tree-Structures Hazzik's blog Home About · · · · © 2013 — 2018. All rights reser
https://alexzaytsev.me/ Domain (1 from this site)

Global Architecture, Engineering & Design Firm | CannonDesign

We are a global design firm that unites a diverse team of strategists, planners, architects, engineers, designers and industry specialists. Learn more.
https://www.cannondesign.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


The latest entries posted on alind.io
https://alind.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

Skelly Kiernan's Blog

Home PyGame Contents References About Skelly Kiernan's Blog February 8, 2015 Go Loopy (Part I) By skellykiernan While loop Repeats the execution of a block of code if its condition is true, the while loop is sometimes referred to as a repeating if statement because ...
https://skellykiernan.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

C# 7 – Что нового - Блог Домашнего Программиста

Блог Домашнего Программиста C# | .NET | ASP.NET MVC | C/C++ | Embedded | И другие интересные темы Меню .NET/C# ASP.NET MVC C/C++ Embedded Postgre SQL Modbus Обо мне Найти: C# 7 – Что нового Совсем недавно была выпущена новая версия языка программирования C#. В ...
https://www.siv-blog.com/csharp-7-what-is-new/ Domain (1 from this site)

Jean-Paul's place on the Internet - Designed by thèmes dotclear 2

Jean-Paul's place on the Internet PGDay France 2012 : le 7 juin à Lyon Par Jean-Paul le mardi 17 avril 2012 (14:14) - PostgreSQL Bonjour à tous, Le PG Day France 2012 aura lieu cette année à Lyon le 7 juin 2012, dans les locaux ...
http://argudo.org Domain (1 from this site)

LibGDX Tutorials

LibGDX Tutorials Friday, February 6, 2015 R and Python statistics R and python are the leading languages for data science. I have written some tutorials . I intend to write more as I am taking a course on R. Posted by JawadQ1 at 9:36 AM ...
http://libdgxtutorials.blogspot.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Plain Old Stan

skip to main | skip to sidebar Plain Old Stan Wednesday, February 20, 2019 xCode 10 Swift 4.2 slow autocomplete and compile times. BAD. At some point I started to have dismal swift autocomplete delays in xCode 10 and slower compile times. Having googled this ...
http://plainoldstan.blogspot.com Domain (1 from this site)

Python tutorial for beginners | Learn Python | Python Basics

Python Tutorials for beginners, python programming language, Step by step to learn Python basics. Learn Python programming online with examples.
https://pythontutorialforbeginners.xyz/ Domain (1 from this site)

H-Store: Next Generation OLTP Database Research

H-Store: Next Generation OLTP Database Research About Documentation Quick Start Architecture Overview Glossary Frequently Asked Questions Deployment Environment Setup Building H-Store Command-line Terminal Executing H-Store Supported Benchmarks Benchmark Client Configuration Transaction Trace Logs Running on Amazon EC2
http://hstore.cs.brown.edu/ Domain (1 from this site)

BAM Weblog

BAM Weblog Higher Kinded Parametricity Brian McKenna — 2018-12-24 Comments — Permalink Polymorphic Programming Brian McKenna — 2018-01-07 Comments — Permalink Constraints are for methods, not data Brian McKenna — 2017-11-22 Comments — Permalink 10x Engineers were the Silver Bullet Brian McKenna — 2017-11-21 Comments ...
https://brianmckenna.org/blog/ Domain (1 from this site)

Mikhail Borisov — About Me

My name is Mikhail Borisov and I am a passionate software developer...
http://mborisov.name Domain (1 from this site)


Adam's blog
http://adam8157.info Domain (1 from this site)

Langages & Programmation

Langages & Programmation Algorithmique Programmation Langages Actualités Swift Edité le: 01 août 2015 Swift est un langage compilé qui introduit nombre de concepts utiles pour une programmation à l’état de l’art : classes génériques, closures, namespaces, inférence de type, une manipulation simple des chaines, des ...
http://a3soft.fr Domain (1 from this site)

Dot Neverland

Dot Neverland Ooh! lookie here, yet another tech blog... Sunday, June 5, 2016 Swift for the Java Guy: Part 2 - The basics. In Part 1 of this series we looked at how to get Swift up and running. In this part we will look ...
http://dotneverland.blogspot.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Word Dictionary scramble,scrabble,Puzzles,crossword - BeingSearch.com

Being Search helps find more words for games such as Combination,Permutation,Scrabble and Word With Friends.See more.
http://www.beingsearch.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

InfinityDB Embedded Java NoSQL DBMS with Client/Server

InfinityDB Embedded is a Java NoSQL DBMS key value store with fast multi-core concurrency, zero administration, and a self-extending data model. InfinityDB Client/Server is for secure remote access to a set of InfinityDB Embedded files with web admin, data browsing, and pattern queries.
https://boilerbay.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


Litherum Thursday, March 7, 2019 Addition Font Shaping When laying out text using a font file, the code points in the string are mapped one-to-one to glyphs inside the file. A glyph is a little picture inside the font file, and is identified by ID, ...
http://litherum.blogspot.com Domain (1 from this site)

Newton Excel Bach, not (just) an Excel Blog | An Excel blog for engineers and ...

An Excel blog for engineers and scientists, and an engineering and science blog for Excel users.
https://newtonexcelbach.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Set Theory and Foundations of Mathematics

A clarified and optimized way to rebuild mathematics without prerequisite
http://settheory.net Domain (1 from this site)

Loci - Programming Language — Loci Programming Language

Loci Programming Language Getting Started Dependencies How to build Documentation Examples Testing Development Queries/Suggestions Releases Available Releases Future Development Language Goals Background Aims Name Specific Goals Design Compatibility with C Syntax Semantics Type Syntax Structs Enums Unions Calling to/fr
http://loci-lang.org Domain (1 from this site)


Where bad code comes home to roost.
https://blog.vkarlsen.no/ Domain (1 from this site)


Naresh Blog of Naresh Kumar (nareshv) Menu Widgets Social Links Search Skip to content Home Business Internet Market Stock Downloads Dvd Games Software Office Parent Category Child Category 1 Sub Child Category 1 Sub Child Category 2 Sub Child Category 3 Child Category 2 Child ...
http://nareshv.blogspot.com Domain (1 from this site)

Ben's Blog

This is an experiment where we try to find out how much faster Postgres will run if patch it to support non-durable reads. Postgresql supports a …
http://benmmurphy.github.io Domain (1 from this site)

You work for me, Computer.

Before reading this post, see the introductory post for this series: Particles and Waves. Among our goals is the desire to understand the duality of …
https://www.brandonbloom.name/ Domain (1 from this site)

Hotel Arcos en el Centro de Ciudad Rodrigo con Parking

Hotel ubicado en el Centro Histórico de Ciudad Rodrigo con Wi-Fi gratis y Parking vídeo-vigilado
http://hotel-arcos.com Domain (1 from this site)


MIB SOFTWARE, Inc. Founded 1993 Incorporated 2012 Nina, M.S. EE, IEEE Member We are two Carnegie Mellon ECE grads with decades of diverse consulting experience in configuration, ordering, and manufacturing systems. We write highly-reusable, high-quality software which will accelerate you (and your customers) in enginee
http://mibsoftware.com Domain (1 from this site)

Python and Django

Home Courses Cisco Technologies CCNA R&S ICND-1 ICND-2 CCNA Collaboration CCNA Data Centre CCNA Security CCNP R&S CCNP Security CCIE Training Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Blockchain Basics Developing on Microsoft Azure 70-532 Implementing on Microsoft Azure 70-533 Cyber Security Microsoft Technologies
http://nexpertsacademy.com/Python&Django.html Domain (1 from this site)


Home Github Documentation Search This Blog 2018-11-11 [Link] PyOpenGL for OpenGL Programmers source text : http://pyopengl.sourceforge.net/documentation/opengl_diffs.html PyOpenGL for OpenGL Programmers This document describes those features of PyOpenGL which are likely to be unfamiliar to OpenGL programmers. It also
http://pyengine3d.blogspot.com Domain (1 from this site)

About - Nemerle programming language official site

Programming language for "special forces" of developers. General information Key features Type inference Metaprogramming Object-oriented programming Functional programming IDE support Macro Libraries Nemerle.Peg Nemerle.Xml (XML-literals) Computation Expressions Nemerle on Rails as well as… Nemerle is a general-purpose
http://nemerle.org/About Domain (1 from this site)

Mitigated Frenzy | It involves a kind of mitigated frenzy and insanity, whereby the lad ...

It involves a kind of mitigated frenzy and insanity, whereby the lad is inoculated with the dread of the spirit world, with panic, with the fear of death...
https://bparsia.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Getting query results

Getting query results Prev Chapter 3. Tutorial Next Getting query results Obviously not all queries are commands--the more common kind actually returns useful data. Result data in libpqxx ™ are encapsulated in a result object, which acts as a container similar to the STL's vector ...
http://pqxx.org/devprojects/libpqxx/doc/stable/html/Tutorial/ch03s06.html Domain (1 from this site)

Kociemba's Homepage

Deutsche Version Herbert Kociemba's Homepage Content Rubik's Cube and Cube Explorer 15-Puzzle Optimal Solver (updated 06/2018) General NxM-Sudoku solver and generator The 125 cube: Packing a 5x5x5 cube with Y-pentominoes Penrose Tilings and Islamic Ornamental Design The Spiral of Theodorus Restoring a Rubik
http://kociemba.org Domain (1 from this site)

Hotel Alma del Plata Buenos Aires Hotel en Buenos Aires - Web Oficial

Hotel Alma del Plata Buenos Aires Hotel en Buenos Aires. Web Oficial. Hotel de 3 estrellas situado en Santiago del Estero, 727, Buenos Aires. Reserve online al Mejor Precio.
http://www.almadelplata.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Mikael Konutgan

Mikael Konutgan Home About Contact Archive RSS OS X Tutorial: A Menu Bar App 05 May 2015 My post about making Simple Menu Bar Apps for OS X has been one of the most viewed pages on my site since I wrote it back almost ...
https://kmikael.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

The Gahooa Perspective – Thoughts on Life, Engineering, Technology, Business, and more…

Thoughts on Life, Engineering, Technology, Business, and more...
https://blog.gahooa.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Quick Reference for Data Mining in Python [c r e s c e n t]

A mathematician in a broader sense
http://stdiff.net/data-mining-in-python.html Domain (1 from this site)

Daniel Beckwith's Blog

Daniel Beckwith's Blog Home About Archives Tags Home About Archives Tags Daniel Beckwith Software Developer & Curious Programmer Worcester, MA 1 post 6 tags Factorio Calculator 2017-04-24 automation , factorio , games , python , qt , scripting In this post I’ll be talking about ...
http://dbeckwith.com Domain (1 from this site)


Developership Skip to content Menu خانه درباره ما همکاری پروژه ای Microsoft Dynamics CRM ماژول های عملیاتی مایکروسافت CRM Posted on 2018-10-20 2018-10-28 by محسن مایکروسافت داینامیک CRM بر اساس ماژول های کاربردی زیر طراحی شده است. فروش بازاریابی مدیریت خدمات فانکشنالیتی نرم افزار CRM ...
http://developership.com Domain (1 from this site)

Bluish Coder

Bluish Coder Programming Languages, Martials Arts and Computers. The Weblog of Chris Double. 2018-10-16 Generalized Algebraic Data Types in ATS The ATS programming language supports defining Generalized Algebraic Data Types (GADTS). They allow defining datatypes where the constructors for the datatype are explicitly de
https://bluishcoder.co.nz/ Domain (1 from this site)

Blog | Stochastic Stuff · by Pavel Dmytrenko

Posts and writings by Pavel Dmytrenko
http://pavdmyt.com Domain (1 from this site)

Developer Interface — Requests 2.21.0 documentation

Developer Interface ¶ This part of the documentation covers all the interfaces of Requests. For parts where Requests depends on external libraries, we document the most important right here and provide links to the canonical documentation. Main Interface ¶ All of Requests’ functionality can be ...
http://docs.python-requests.org/en/master/api/ Domain (2 from this site)

CapableObjects — CapableObjectsCapableObjects | Model Driven Development Pure and Simple

Skip to content CapableObjects Downloads BuildServers MDriven Designer Download Support User provided content Tips & Tricks from Lars Olofsson, Sweden MDriven Framework Change log MDriven Designer change log UML School MDrivenServerChangelog MDriven Turnkey ChangeLog All posts in order SupportForum Products MDriven Tur
https://www.capableobjects.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Responsive Books

A digital platform for interactive books.
https://www.responsivebooks.pub/ Domain (1 from this site)


A blog about MongoDB
http://jerwinroy.blogspot.com Domain (1 from this site)

Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats | Built in Britain Raced Worldwide

Janousek & Stampfli Racing Boats | Built in Britain Raced Worldwide Home About Us Funding a boat purchase British Marine Federation Warranty Terms of Business Careers New Boats Traditional Boats Composite Boats Single Sculls Double Sculls and Coxless Pairs Fours and Quads Eights and Octuples ...
http://janousekandstampfli.com Domain (1 from this site)

auto nice daemon

When Users Go Berserk ® AND ­ a B.O.F.H. tool ­ Hosted by News! 05/03/27 - 1.2.2 release. Linux Bugfix: get uid/gid from /proc/<pid> instead of .../stat; man page examples fixed. 04/09/09 - 1.2.1 release. Linux Bugfix: now considers both usr and sys time, not ...
http://and.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)


About Genifer : The AGI / General Inference Engine ( Mailing-list ) Blog Archive ▼ 2016 (1) ▼ February (1) 什么是线性代数? (What is linear algebra?) ► 2015 (5) ► May (1) ► April (2) ► March (2) ► 2014 (8) ► December (3) ► November ...
http://geniferology.blogspot.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

atem.io / Philip Poloczek

This is the personal website of Philip Poloczek
https://atem.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

Maslow's Hammer and Occam's Razor – A mess of random mostly tech stuff

Maslow's Hammer and Occam's Razor A mess of random mostly tech stuff Menu Skip to content About Tutorials Cordova Tutorial Part 1: Installing Cordova Part 2: Install Android SDK Part 3: Offline documentation Part 4: Create a Basic App Part 5: Build a Compass App ...
http://nocurve.com Domain (1 from this site)

Kerry Buckley

What’s the simplest thing that could possibly go wrong?
http://www.kerrybuckley.org Domain (1 from this site)

Foro Apuestas – Foro de apuestas deportivas

Ir al contenido Foro Apuestas Foro de apuestas deportivas Ganar dinero con las apuestas deportivas Estrategias con apuestas combinadas Las apuestas combinadas –conocidas también, cariñosamente en foro apuestas como combis– son una manera muy interesante de mejorar nuestra rentabilidad. Si las utilizamos adecuadamente,
http://www.viagrapharmacy-generic.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Hostal Estación Jaén | En la estación Ferrocaril de Jaén

Hostal Estación Jaén situado en la estación de Renfe de Jaén. Teléfono 953 27 46 14 Dirección: Plaza Jaén por la Paz, s/n, 23008, Jaén.
http://hostalestacionjaen.com Domain (1 from this site)

Welcome to Mypy documentation! — Mypy 0.660+dev.9a3fa644f433339606ed4a1ec5d52020a0967a41.dirty documentation

Mypy latest First steps Introduction Getting started Using mypy with an existing codebase Cheat sheets Type hints cheat sheet (Python 3) Type hints cheat sheet (Python 2) Type system reference Built-in types Type inference and type annotations Kinds of types Class basics Protocols and structural ...
https://mypy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Domain (1 from this site)


kaushikc.Org About Archive Micro Feed Logical equivalences in Haskell ● January 3, 2019 technology , haskell The blogpost Classical Logic in Haskell established a way to prove equivalences between logical propositions and law of excluded middle by writing intances of Iso for the same propositions ...
http://kaushikc.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

Stay Hybrid Hostel Thessaloniki - This is a place to Stay

A shared passion for travelling, urban life and music is the main triptych behind STAY Youth Hostel & Common Place in Thessaloniki.
http://www.thestay.gr/ Domain (1 from this site)

iOS Development

iOS Development Rules of Swift Initializers Rule 1: A designated initializer must call its immediate superclass designated initializer Rule 2: A convenience initializer must calls initializers of the same class Rule 3: A convenience initializers must ultimately call the designated initializer Simple Case: Complex Case
http://ranga-iphone-developer.blogspot.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


駄猫の備忘録 たまには書いてます 2013年7月22日月曜日 Kotlin勉強会に行くのでちょっとだけ予習した 多分日本初という触れ込みの勉強会 に行くので予習したメモ ただし、主催者は現状こんな感じらしい 日本のKotlinコントリビュータと飲んでるけどクロージャ勉強会開きたいって言ってる — 片s (@hotchemi) July 19, 2013 Clojureおもしろいのよ — たろう (@ngsw_taro) July 19, 2013 kotlinの未来が不安ですね… というわけで超適当に以下のkotlinの基本文法を眺めてみた https://sites.google.com/site/tarokotlin/3-kot
http://3a3k.blogspot.com Domain (1 from this site)

(No Title)

jpnc.info who? talks bash rnd intro to expansion published Published: Tue 13 June 2017 By james pannacciulli In bash . tags: bash parameter expansion opensource.com Translations: fr it's hot off the presses -- i wrote an article for opensource.com on parameter expansion in bash. check ...
http://www.jpnc.info/ Domain (2 from this site)


Search: Login Preferences Help/Guide About Trac Register Wiki Timeline Roadmap Browse Source View Tickets Search Tags wiki: WikiStart Context Navigation Start Page Index History Welcome to Project-Builder Wiki Project-Builder.org aims to provide support to the "Continuous Packaging" approach. The mantra is "Package ear
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Reuven Lerner's Blog - Thoughts from Reuven Lerner about technology, business, and education

Thoughts from Reuven Lerner about technology, business, and education
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litblog litblog Carlo Colombo Tag conform 1 docker 1 elixir 2 exrm 1 gcp 1 google analytics 1 google cloud functions 1 macro 1 serverless 1 telegram 1 vps 1 Homepage About By Year Github RSS Decorate functions using macros in Elixir 2017-06-10 elixir google ...
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chickadee server

chickadee Identifier search Search Chicken documentation Enter a node name or path in the search box below: A node name is an identifier, egg, module or unit name, such as open/rdonly , awful , scheme or eval . A node path is a sequence of ...
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Anton Antonov's Blog | Here I show some of my efforts in mathematics, programming, and ...

Here I show some of my efforts in mathematics, programming, and visual arts.
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Beagle SQL - Free Object Relational database engine.

Beagle SQL - Development in Progress [ Home ] [ Documentation ] [ Download ] [ Features ] [ History ] Authors: Robert Klein & Jean-Claude Magras Server Usage Statistics Cool News I've written an article for the February 98 issue of Linux Journal Magazine ...
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(No Title)

AIDA Home Documentation Source Code Download Release Notes AIDA Compliant Tools History Mailing Lists Developers Area Guilty Parties License Bug Reports AIDA -- Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis Recent News September 2005 - AIDA Workshop in St Malo, France. October 2003 - AIDA 3.2.1 is ...
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Informatique en CPGE – Lycée Carnot, Dijon

Aller au contenu Informatique en CPGE Lycée Carnot, Dijon Menu Accueil MPSI-3 DM/DS TD/TP Corrigés Notes de cours MPSI-2 MP-2 MPSI option Cours TD TP DM/DS MP/MP* option Ressources Pour s’entraîner Liens Bibliographie Capes Humour Contact Rechercher : Informatique MPSI-3 14 – Pour aller plus ...
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Dictdiffer — Dictdiffer 0.7.2.dev20180504 documentation

Dictdiffer latest Dictdiffer Installation Usage API Changes Contributing License Authors Dictdiffer Docs » Dictdiffer Edit on GitHub Dictdiffer ¶ Dictdiffer is a helper module that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries. Installation ¶ Dictdiffer is on PyPI so all you need is: $ pip ...
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Deitel & Associates, Inc.

Developers: Learn a New Programming Language or App Development with Deitel LiveLessons Videos! Deitel Resource Centers Training Video Books FAQs Newsletter Tutorials Deitel >> Home Login | Register | Media Kit | P
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The Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide — Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide 1.0 documentation

Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide latest The Porting Process Tools Syntax Changes Exceptions Importing Standard Library Reorganization Numbers Strings Dictionaries Iterators Built-In Function Changes Comparing and Sorting Classes Comprehensions Other Core Object Changes Other Changes Conservative Python 3 Porting Gui
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Kerry Buckley

What’s the simplest thing that could possibly go wrong?
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skip to main | skip to sidebar Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Using Cuckoo Hashing to Implement Pair Kerning Whenever I hear the word cuckoo , Miloš Forman's great movie comes to my mind. But lately, I have built a new association for this word. I ...
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Abiral Shakya's Blog – Learning, Improving and Sharing

Learning, Improving and Sharing
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another java developers blog
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Andrea Censi's website

Andrea Censi's website Search Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Fig. 1. Andrea, Dec 2017. Other portraits by or with robots and roboticists. Quick links: 📝 publications , 🗣 talks , 👤 CV Andrea Censi I work in the areas of ...
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SQLAlchemy in Flask — Flask 0.12.4 documentation

Navigation index modules | next | previous | Flask 0.12.4 documentation » Patterns for Flask » Warning: This is an old version. The latest stable version is Flask 1.0 . SQLAlchemy in Flask ¶ Many people prefer SQLAlchemy for database access. In this case it’s ...
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Python Notes — Python Notes 0.1 documentation

Python Notes ¶ Welcome to Python About This Tutorial What Is Python? A Brief History How Python Runs Pythonic? Congratulations! Scalar Types Numeric Types Truthiness Strings Bytes Operators Moving On Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries Lists Mutability in Python Tuples Dicts Sets Next Steps Control Flow if ...
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Hostal de la Costa | Hotel 3 estrellas en Villa Carlos Paz

Habitaciones Comodidades Piletas Promociones Belleza Contacto y Ubicación Select Page El lugar ideal para disfrutar Carlos Paz ¡Promociones todo el año! Más información Vení a nuestro hostal en Octubre . ¡Aprovechá todas nuestras promociones! PROMOCIÓN AÑO NUEVO ¡Vení a recibir el 2019 en Villa Carlos ...
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TP2P – A network topology for communication, computation, and data storage

Skip to content TP2P A network topology for communication, computation, and data storage Menu and widgets Home Download the PDF Search for: Trusted Peer-2-Peer (TP2P) by Daniel C. Watson 10.30.2017 www.TP2P.org danw@tp2p.org In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto combined existing technology concepts in new and imaginative ways ...
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5. Data Structures — Python 3.7.2 documentation

Navigation index modules | next | previous | Python » en 3.7.2 Documentation » The Python Tutorial » | 5. Data Structures ¶ This chapter describes some things you’ve learned about already in more detail, and adds some new things as well. 5.1. More on ...
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Aventuras y desventuras de un informático despistado - vjavierf.wordpress.com | Blog de "lugares comunes" de ...

Blog de "lugares comunes" de un informático
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Cobertura Vía Pública

Exhibimos en dispositivos estratégicamente ubicados, producimos en papel, lona y vinilo y mantenemos la campaña en perfectas condiciones durante todo el periodo de exhibición
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Python Programming -

Toggle Navigation Home Cheat Sheets Newsletter About learn everything about Python Programming Improving your code with container methods Improving your code with container methods By Michael Anckaert | 17/01/2017 In this article we will take a look at how you can implement a number of ...
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Charito SRL

Desde 1970 en que comenzamos la fabricación de corta-aspiradoras de césped eléctricas, hasta el día de hoy, en que comercializamos la más amplia gama de maquinas herramientas para el cuidado y mantenimiento de grandes espacios verdes, hemos sostenido la misma consigna comercial: El mejor servicio ...
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NCI/CADD Group Chemoinformatics Tools and User Services

Home | About | Contact | Disclaimer | Privacy | Notes NCI/CADD Group CA DD Group C hemoinformatics T ools and U ser S ervices Online Services | Tools & Software | Downloads | Links & Data | Blog General Information The NCI/CADD group is ...
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Swim in ML/Ad Tech Ocean - MaricLe Gao Blog

Hi, I'm fan of Machine Learing and Online Advertisement technologies, I will record lots of simple and important information for us here.
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The Start up Girl

The Start up Girl Posts and blogs about the tech startup scene in London. Posts by The Startup Girl Reading List #StartupLessons Resources Contact Posts by The Startup Girl 23 Feb , 2019 Top podcasts to listen to Posts by The Startup Girl 20 Mar ...
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Wanaka Rowing Club | Wanaka Rowing Club Online – Visit this site for media, news ...

Wanaka Rowing Club - Masters, Juniors and Social rowing.
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Free portrait coupons

Rafain gift card, Brazilian restaurant in Dallas, Texas.
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Ayi Publicidad OOH

Campañas integrales OOH en el interior del pais.
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Python Training Classes | HSG

Python Training Classes | HSG
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Python Python: Connecting to SQL Server with pymssql (Windows Authentication) from os import getenv import pymssql conn = pymssql.connect(server = 'localhost', database = 'VCDB') cursor = conn.cursor() cursor.execute('select * from vpx_version') row = cursor.fetchone() while row: print("ID=%d, Name=%s" % (row[0], r
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Metalfor – Futur 3000 | Winston Martinez

Buscar: Menu Inicio Quienes Somos Equipo humano Servicios Taller y Repuestos Productos Metalfor Metalfor – Pulverizadora 7050 Metalfor – Pulverizadora 7040 Metalfor Múltiple 3200 SE Metalfor Multiple 3025 Metalfor Múltiple 2800 Múltiple 2500AB Metalfor – Múltiple 3200 Metalfor – Futur 2000 Metalfor – Futur 2000 ...
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Delta p - magazine for pump technology | Δ p Global is full of information ...

Categories Industry News Δ p Video Channel Pump Applications Water Agriculture Farming Dewatering Fire protection Waste Water Water Supply Processes Chemical Pharmaceutical Food Beverage Painting – Plating Petrochemical Biotechnology Mining Metering Pumps Energy Supply Power Generation Cryogenic Cooling Construction Bu
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Disk Usage - PostgreSQL wiki

Want to edit, but don't see an edit button when logged in? Click here. Disk Usage From PostgreSQL wiki Jump to: navigation , search Languages : English • 日本語 Finding the size of various object in your database table size, database size General Table Size ...
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Bariloche - www.barilochevirtual.com

Bariloche, promociones turísticas, mapas, planos de la ciudad, hospedajes, hoteles, cabañas, todo el Cerro Catedral, fotos de la ciudad, información empresaria, turística y profesional, todos los precios de alojamientos con fotos, servicios, transportes y mucho más...
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Publicidad en Via Publica & Pauta Publicitaria en Via Publica.
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Bahia Patagonia

En nuestro refugio todas las habitaciones están ubicadas en la planta alta. Contamos con cuartos: dobles, cuádruples, triples, quintuples. Equipadas con baño privado, camas matrimoniales y/ó singles, ropa blanca y servicio de mucama, y una vista privilegiada del lago Aluminé junto a la Cordillera de ...
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TRAK Community :: The Residual World :: Nato AF (NAF) Version 4 - A Look ...

TRAK-Community Login · Register The Residual World Forums Wiki Model Registry Demo Repository Site Scope / Purpose Demo Repository News RW - Navigation All RW Entries Advanced Search RW - Recent Last 10 entries [comments] : Nato AF (NAF) Version 4 - A Look at ...
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akaDAV - WebDAV module for Twisted

aka DAV WebDAV module for Twisted Japanese Page What is akaDAV akaDAV is a Python module that adds WebDAV functionality to the Twisted 1.3 . It makes WebDAV server application programming easy in Python. Features Integrated with a built-in Web server (Twisted Web). Easy installation ...
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After the horse has bolted

After the horse has bolted Technology when the bleeding edge is touch dry Monday, 6 September 2010 Option in Scala vs null in Java When I first came to Scala a few months ago , one of the things I'd heard was to avoid using ...
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Complejo del Parque COPASA | REFINOR | Tucumán

La estación de servicios más premiada del NOA venís una vez y volvés siempre navigation Inicio nosotros Misión y Visión Servicios Top Mayorista Premios Contacto NOSOTROS Complejo del Parque abrió sus puertas el 10 de Abril del año 2002 y desde el comienzo se instaló ...
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Linux Programming Note

skip to main | skip to sidebar Linux Programming Note Everything about Linux 2013年4月16日 星期二 iPerf 測試 multicast broadcast unicast [Multicast] Server: iperf -s -u -B -i 1 Client: iperf -c -b 100M -T 32 -t 60 -i 1 [Broadcast] Server: iperf -s ...
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Blog de Agua / Mineral Water Blog

Home Sobre mi Instituto de Té Agua Té Aceite Bebidas Logo Prensa Contacto 23 de septiembre de 2018 Termatalia 2018 - Brasil Este año se celebro Termatalia 2018 en Brasil, nuevamente se realizo la cata interancional de aguas, donde Horacio Bustos, director de Gyokuro Círculo ...
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Bahia Patagonia

En nuestro refugio todas las habitaciones están ubicadas en la planta alta. Contamos con cuartos: dobles, cuádruples, triples, quintuples. Equipadas con baño privado, camas matrimoniales y/ó singles, ropa blanca y servicio de mucama, y una vista privilegiada del lago Aluminé junto a la Cordillera de ...
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The pod consulting Business Intelligence Showcase Application

Business Intelligence Showcase Traffic Accident Fatalities Californian HEDIS Measures Traffic Accident Fatalities in the US (2007) Column dimension State Gender Speed Limit (mph) Travel Speed (mph) Excess Speed (mph) Driver's Age Body Type Road Type Alcohol Test Results Traffic Violation Row dimension State Gender Spee
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Pocitos Plaza Hotel | El mejor precio en una ubicación insuperable

+598 2712 3939 reserva@pocitosplazahotel.com.uy Facebook Twitter RSS RESERVAS Facebook Twitter RSS Inicio Servicios Habitaciones Habitaciones Pocitos Habitación Pocitos Matrimonial Habitación Pocitos Dos Camas Habitación Pocitos Matrimonial Triple Habitación Pocitos tres camas Habitación Pocitos Matrimonial Cuádruple H
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Bahia Patagonia

En nuestro refugio todas las habitaciones están ubicadas en la planta alta. Contamos con cuartos: dobles, cuádruples, triples, quintuples. Equipadas con baño privado, camas matrimoniales y/ó singles, ropa blanca y servicio de mucama, y una vista privilegiada del lago Aluminé junto a la Cordillera de ...
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Areco Hostel | Hospedaje | San Antonio de Areco

Menu Home Galeria Servicios Contacto Habitación Compartida Contamos con habitaciones compartidas de 8 personas con baños compartido, la estadia incluye ropa de cama y toallas. Wifi - calefacción - Ventilador Habitación Doble Contamos con habitaciones dobles con baños compartidos, la estadia incluye ropa de cama ...
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Posada Neblina – Travel Conexion Club

tu conexión
http://travelconexion.club/producto/posada-neblina/ Domain (1 from this site)

CS8, Fall 2018, Mirza |

UCSB CS8 CS8 F18 Mirza Gauchospace Gradescope Piazza CS8, Fall 2018 Course Information Assignment Calendar Lab and Office Hours F18 Open Lab Hours Lab Seating Chart: 9am Lab Seating Chart: 10am Lab Seating Chart: 11am Lab Seating Chart: 12pm Syllabus Labs: num ready? description assigned ...
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Mandalika's scratchpad

Mandalika's scratchpad [ Work blog @Oracle | My Music Compositions ] Old Posts: 09.04 10.04 11.04 12.04 01.05 02.05 03.05 04.05 05.05 06.05 07.05 08.05 09.05 10.05 11.05 12.05 01.06 02.06 03.06 04.06 05.06 06.06 07.06 08.06 09.06 10.06 11.06 12.06 01.07 02.07
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Acid — acid 0.0.16 documentation

Acid — acid 0.0.16 documentation Acid ¶ Acid enhances any ordered-map style database engine to provide something like an SQLite for NoSQL , a sweet spot between the ease of managing data with an external DBMS, and the high performance and flexibility of an in-process ...
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"HDT-MR approach is able to serialize billion-triple datasets preserving HDT compression and retrieval features" HDT-MR: A Scalable Solution for RDF Compression with HDT and MapReduce José M. Giménez-García 1 , Javier D. Fernández 2 , and Miguel A. Martínez-Prieto 1 1 . DataWeb Research , ...
https://dataweb.infor.uva.es/projects/hdt-mr/ Domain (1 from this site)


Very Good Ideas We have set up this site to promote the Good Ideas of ourselves and others Why 'Very Good Ideas'? Because someone already has the 'Good Ideas' URL! Home Our New Ideas Our Old Ideas Other Peoples' Ideas Contact us Silver Surfer Support ...
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New site – WordPress

New site service manual Set off and carry forward of losses case study free-phpbb.info Case and study forward Set losses off carry of Buy paper Rated 5 stars, based on 159 customer reviews From $7.99 per page Available! Order now! Set off and carry forward ...
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Constant-pool erlang hack

Constant-pool erlang hack Front page Github 2009-04-02 Erlang R12B-0 added a per-module memory area for constants , the literal values in a module are stored there. Before, they were allocated on the heap every time they were referenced. This meant that some kinds of optimization ...
http://noss.github.io/2009/04/02/constant-pool-erlang-hack.html Domain (1 from this site)

Platte daddy

Platte daddy Contained clutter Every line of code is that much more technical inventory that carries risk and management burden. How can we make efficient progress without impeding our delivery of features? I just read an article about dead code. It cited Michael Feathers’s article ...
http://daddy.platte.name Domain (1 from this site)

Ivan Raikov

Ivan Raikov About me Software Papers and publications Photos Literature Master and Margarita Atanas Dalchev Yordan Yovkov Notes About me I am a researcher at Stanford University . My CV is available here . You can reach me at ivan (dot) g (dot) raikov (at) ...
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Felix Halim .NET: ACM ICPC Jakarta 2013 - Problem J - Alien Abduction Again

Felix Halim .NET Home Competitive Programming Research Miscellaneous Thursday, October 24, 2013 ACM ICPC Jakarta 2013 - Problem J - Alien Abduction Again Last year contestants (or contestants who practiced with last year ICPC Jakarta 2012 problemset) should immediately know, only by looking at the ...
https://blog.felix-halim.net/2013/10/acm-icpc-jakarta-2013-problem-j-alien.html Domain (1 from this site)

pyahocorasick — ahocorasick documentation

Navigation ahocorasick documentation » pyahocorasick ¶ pyahocorasick is a fast and memory efficient library for exact or approximate multi-pattern string search meaning that you can find multiple key strings occurrences at once in some input text. The library provides an ahocorasick Python module that you ...
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NOTES NYA ERD .java, .swift, .go December 6, 2016 Aplikasi keamanan baru Google Google membuat lebih mudah bagi teman-teman dekat dan keluarga Anda untuk melacak Anda dengan yang baru Kontak Terpercaya aplikasi untuk Android . Idenya sederhana: menetapkan beberapa kontak Anda sebagai "dunia" dan mereka ...
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