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A Reason to Celebrate - New Class for Women! - Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho

What’s your reason to celebrate? The Jewish holidays are the centerpieces of our year. Days when we remember events that forever changed the course of our history. But they are much more than that. The festivals are pauses in time, primed for personal introspection and ...
https://www.jewishidaho.com/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/2356124/jewish/A-Reason-to-Celebrate.htm Domain

Ten Reasons to Avoid Chabad - Do YOU belong at Chabad? - Chabad Lubavitch of ...

Find out for yourself whether Chabad is for you!
https://www.jewishidaho.com/templates/articlecco_cdo/aid/1641446/jewish/Ten-Reasons-to-Avoid-Chabad.htm Domain

Email Archive - Chabad Lubavitch of Idaho

Keep in the loop on what's going on! See an archive of emails sent to our community made available for your reference and enjoyment.
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Yahrzeit Calculator - Jewish Calendar

The anniversary of a loved one's passing is a time to honor his or her memory by reciting the kaddish prayer, giving extra charity and learning Torah. Determine the Hebrew date of your loved one's passing for this year or any other.
https://www.jewishidaho.com/calendar/yahrtzeit_cdo/aid/6229/jewish/Yahrtzeit.htm Domain

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