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Iterators Software Testing Company | Quality Assurance Outsourcing | Powered by Diversity

Iterators LLC Home Services Accessibility Testing & DHS Section 508 Trusted Testers Websites and Mobile Testing Manual and Automated Testing Data and Statistical Services Functional and Regression Testing Our Purpose Case Studies Press Contact Us Who We Are Software testing is what we're all about. ...
https://iteratorstesting.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Iterators | Reliable partner for building your products

Home Portfolio Services Team Careers Contact Blog Select Page We Help Build Great Products The Lean Way Universal On-demand Ride Hailing App Purpose At Work HR Platform Expansion of E-commerce Intelligence Platform Platform as a Service for Data Scientists See more in our portfolio Iterators ...
https://www.iteratorshq.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


No page description.
https://www.iterators.dk/ Domain (1 from this site)

jlib · GitHub

jlib has 18 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
https://github.com/jlib-framework Domain (1 from this site)

electricnet (Andy Graulund) | DeviantArt

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.
https://www.deviantart.com/electricnet Domain (1 from this site)

ECMAScript - Wikipedia

ECMAScript From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search ECMAScript Paradigm Multi-paradigm : prototype-based , functional , imperative Designed by Brendan Eich , Ecma International First appeared 1997 ; 22 years ago ( 1997 ) Typing discipline weak , dynamic Website www ...
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECMAScript Domain (1 from this site)

Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example | InformIT

This is a first-rate introductory book that takes a practical approach to solving problems using C++. It covers a much wider scope of C++ programming than other introductory books I've seen, and in a surprisingly compact format.
http://www.informit.com/store/accelerated-c-plus-plus-practical-programming-by-example-9780201703535 Domain (1 from this site)

CGL(C Generic Library) download | SourceForge.net

Download CGL(C Generic Library) for free. CGL(C Generic Library) is a stl-like library written in pure C.It implements iterators, memory management,generic containers such as list,map, generic algorithms such as sort() and search(),and it can manipulate any types of data.
https://sourceforge.net/projects/cgl/ Domain (6 from this site)

FortySeven Media | Kick Awesome Web Design, Branding, Craft CMS Development & Consulting

FortySeven Media creates kick awesome websites, logos, brands, ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS and Content Managed sites in Knoxville, Tennessee.
https://fortysevenmedia.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Statistical NLP on OpenStreetMap: Part 2 – Al Barrentine – Medium

A while back I wrote a piece publicly introducing libpostal, an open-source, open-data-trained C library and companion NLP model for parsing and normalizing international street addresses. Since…
https://medium.com/@albarrentine/statistical-nlp-on-openstreetmap-part-2-80405b988718 Domain (1 from this site)


https://sites.google.com/a/emaw.com.br/www/ Domain (1 from this site)


a Java library of graph theory data structures and algorithms
https://jgrapht.org/ Domain (1 from this site)


The official home page for JFree.
http://www.jfree.org Domain (2 from this site)

Mr Pandey's Blog – Code Expository and Resources

Skip to main content Toggle navigation Mr Pandey's Blog Almost Everything About STL Iterators in C++ February 3, 2018 March 14, 2018 MrPandey 1 Comment Containers are the most useful feature provided by the STL. Some of these containers are sequential, like <vector> and <array>. ...
http://mrpandey.com Domain (1 from this site)

Python Dates

https://www.w3schools.com/python/python_datetime.asp Domain (1 from this site)

DeepPavlov | An open source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots.

An open source library for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots.
https://deeppavlov.ai/ Domain (1 from this site)

C++ Patterns

A repository of modern and idiomatic C++ code patterns curated by the community.
https://cpppatterns.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


Programming And Web Development Community
https://www.go4expert.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Ideas From Zero-to-Sixty | Discovery Loft Inc.

We take ideas from Zero-to-Sixty through our rapid application development process - exploring joint opportunities to bring new solutions to market.
https://discoveryloft.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

NitrosBase: high-performance universal database

NitrosBase is a high-performance multi-model database that supports relational, graph and document data models
http://nitrosbase.com Domain (1 from this site)


Thoughts, stories and ideas.
http://fullstackstudent.com Domain (1 from this site)

Redmine webtoolkit: Redmine

https://webstatsdomain.org/d/redmine.webtoolkit.eu Domain (1 from this site)

Anastasiosyal.com | Technically Biased

Technically Biased
http://anastasiosyal.com Domain (1 from this site)

Prashant Bansal

Software Engineer | Entrepreneur | Java'Script' | Guitarist
https://prashantb.me/ Domain (1 from this site)

uraimo.com | Home

uraimo.com Blog
https://www.uraimo.com/ Domain (2 from this site)

London Node User Group - LNUG

London Node.js User Group is a meetup for developers but everyone is welcome. We meet every month to talk about Node, Javascript and to network
https://lnug.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

Articles - Fabien Potencier

The blog of Fabien Potencier about web technology and the symfony framework
http://fabien.potencier.org Domain (1 from this site)

Software development tutorials - slurp

Learn about the latest trends in Software development. Read tutorials, posts, and insights from top Software development experts and developers for free.
https://slurp.biz/ Domain (2 from this site)


This blog contains all things JavaScript. From JS library reviews to JS fundamentals this blog provides intuitive way for all JavaScript developers to gain insight into software development.
http://www.softnami.com/ Domain (2 from this site)

Nick Vahalik | Central Texas Technologist

Nick Vahalik About Me Amateur Radio Blog Contact Do you use technology, or do you just feel used? Technology can be confusing and frustrating. It doesn't have to be. You already work hard. Now let's work smarter, too. If your website is over 2 years ...
https://www.nickvahalik.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Nitin Mahesh | My Personal Views

My Personal Views
https://nitinmahesh.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


Copper Spice A Modern Cross-platform C++ Gui Library Home Blog Documentation Presentations Downloads Code Forum About CopperSpice CopperSpice is of a set of individual libraries used to develop cross platform software applications in C++. It is an entirely open source project released under the LGPL ...
https://www.copperspice.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

InMotion Hosting

biz190.inmotionhosting.com Your IP is
http://literatorspublishing.com Domain (1 from this site)

Age of Ascent | Build, Trade, Fight, Explore, Evolve, Ascend!

Age of Ascent - Build, Trade, Fight, Explore, Evolve, Ascend!
https://www.ageofascent.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Scipy Lecture Notes — Scipy lecture notes

Navigation next Scipy lecture notes » Collapse document to compact view Edit Improve this page: Edit it on Github. Scipy Lecture Notes ¶ One document to learn numerics, science, and data with Python ¶  Download  PDF, 2 pages per side  PDF, 1 ...
http://scipy-lectures.org/ Domain (2 from this site)

Lrw.Net - Data Visualization, OpenSource

Data Visualization, OpenSource
http://lrw.net Domain (1 from this site)

Learn Rust programming language: Best Rust tutorials, books & courses 2019 – ReactDOM

The best Rust programming books, best Rust programming courses, and best Rust programming tutorials to help you learn Rust programming in 2019.
https://reactdom.com/rust Domain (1 from this site)


Articles on C++ programming, Software Engineering and technology.
http://antonym.org Domain (1 from this site)

Engineering Companies - Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Engineers

US based civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, structural and environmental engineering firms & consultants. Read reviews on local engineers.
http://www.topengineeringcompanies.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Scala Cookbook

This is the main index page for the Scala Cookbook, written by Alvin Alexander.
http://scalacookbook.com Domain (1 from this site)

Blog di Ciao Mondo

CiaoMondo.it: Blog su nuove tecnologie, programmazione e tanto altro sull'informatica in generale.
http://www.ciaomondo.it/ Domain (1 from this site)

The good, the bad, and the beautiful

NEILB Blog Report Reviews Adoption List Regulars NeoCPANisms The good, the bad, and the beautiful A blog on the Perl programming language Tags 5.6 acknowledgement adoption APIs authorship autumn cleaning BackPAN baking BambooHR Berlin blogging books bs Buddy bugs changes charts coding style community conferences ...
http://neilb.org Domain (1 from this site)

The Copenhagen Rust Group

A group of people interested in the Rust programming language, based in Copenhagen.
https://cph.rs/ Domain (1 from this site)

I Got Rhythm

I Got Rhythm Eli Arbel ( @aelij ) .NET 4 Animation AppFabric Async Axum Blog C# CLR ClearType Cloud CodeValue Concurrency Contests Deep Zoom Experiments Generics GitHub Google Ink Lectures Modeling Performance Personal Pivot Prism Programming Languages Prolog ReSharper Reflector Roslyn RoslynPad Service Fabric Silverli
https://arbel.net/ Domain (1 from this site)

Rcpp Gallery

Articles and code that illustrate the use of the Rcpp package
http://gallery.rcpp.org Domain (1 from this site)

Temple Systems, Inc.

Temple Systems, Inc. Search Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Home SERVICES CNC Router Pictures Contact Us Stuff Gears Center Distance Programming C++ Initialization Lists COM/ATL COM Tutorial COM Tutorial – page 2 DB Connection Example Get a string from a ...
http://templesystems.com Domain (1 from this site)

John C. Mu

Home page of John C. Mu. Welcome!
http://umnhoj.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Home | http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/7/30/2025900/NEWOHeader02.gif

http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/7/30/2025900/NEWOHeader02.gif Skip Navigation Home Help Search Calendar Chat Welcome Guest. Please Login or Register . http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/7/30/2025900/NEWOHeader02.gif Home Rules Rules [-=O=-]^OBLITERATORS OCLAN FACEBOOK GROUP Clan Announcements Events Members discussion
http://aaobliterators.proboards.com Domain (1 from this site)

Professional info | Aleksandar Prokopec

Aleksandar Prokopec CV Links Personal Blog Contact Professional Info Projects Personal Info Blog I am a principal researcher at Oracle Labs, working on the Graal language infrastructure project . My research is focused on composable, scalable and modular programming language abstractions for large-scale distributed com
http://aleksandar-prokopec.com/ Domain (2 from this site)

Clojure Programming (the book)

Example code & projects on GitHub We wrote this book for you. We've worked with Clojure for many years now, and have enjoyed using it to build projects, websites, products, and businesses of all kinds. We love the language, and we think you will too. ...
http://www.clojurebook.com Domain (1 from this site)

Under the Hood of Redis: Hash [Part 1] – Redis Planet

What ziplist and dict in Redis. When and for what purpose. How much RAM occupied by these structures. When hash is stored in ziplist, when dicth and that it gives us. How this internals works.
http://redisplanet.com/redis/under-the-hood-of-redis-hash-part-1/ Domain (1 from this site)

Shark - Java# Preprocessor - Java On Steroids - Do More with Less

Shark - Java# Preprocessor - Java On Steroids - Doing More with Less
http://shark.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

Python Arena - Download Paid Python Courses and Source for free

Download Paid Python Courses and Source for free
http://thepythonarena.com Domain (1 from this site)

++C++; // 未確認飛行 C ブログ | http://ufcpp.net/

https://ufcpp.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Arnon's Space | Just another WordPress.com site

Just another WordPress.com site
https://arnonaxelrod.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


AS3Blog.org – Solving Annoyingly Simple Problems
http://www.as3blog.org Domain (1 from this site)

Nik's Crappy Blog – Thoughts and observations... usually geeky.

Nik's Crappy Blog Thoughts and observations... usually geeky. Home About Search A Better Keyboard I’d heard a lot of complaints about how bad the 2015+ MacBook keyboards were. Well, for the first time, I’m using one daily, and I have to agree. I don’t think ...
https://nik.me/ Domain (1 from this site)

Bryan Burgers

B r y a n B u r g e r s Hi. I'm Bryan Burgers. But you already figured that out. I make websites. And ExpressionEngine add-ons. I'm the author of Blocks and the co-author of EE Twitter , Video Link , Switch , ...
https://burgers.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

C++ Blog | Blog on C++ Issues

Blog on C++ Issues
https://cppguru.wordpress.com/ Domain (2 from this site)

Python for beginners - Academy

Overview Educational process Price How to start Apply to course Overview Educational process Price How to start Become a Python developer Start your IT career with the language used by Instagram and NASA Python for beginners This simple and easy-to-learn language will help you master ...
https://beetrootacademy.se/ Domain (1 from this site)

Alexandre Jasmin's Blog | Just another WordPress.com weblog

Just another WordPress.com weblog
https://ajasmin.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

From Mathematics to Generic Programming

FROM MATHEMATICS TO GENERIC PROGRAMMING ALEXANDER A. STEPANOV DANIEL E. ROSE Home Downloads Errata Buy Contact From Mathematics to Generic Programming (FM2GP) is a 2015 book from Addison-Wesley. X Description (from back cover) In this substantive yet accessible book, pioneering software designer Alexander Stepanov and
http://fm2gp.com Domain (1 from this site)

agentXcpp | A C++ implementation of the AgentX protocol (RFC 2741).

A C++ implementation of the AgentX protocol (RFC 2741).
https://agentxcpp.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


Pointers to prior art in the area of data models for biological objects important for bioinformatics.
http://biodatamodel.org Domain (1 from this site)

Josep Subils - Full Stack Javascript Developer

My name is Josep Subils. I am a fullstack professional developer and programmer in JavaScript. Here you can find my personal projects and documentation.
http://js.gl Domain (1 from this site)

David Ly

David Ly Cognitive Science and Computer Science student at the University of California, Berkeley interested in exploring advancing fields of computing Intro Work About Contact Intro I am currently a fourth year attending the University of California, Berkeley. I am pursuing a major in Cognitive ...
http://davidly.me Domain (1 from this site)


matevi.sh Blog GitLab IRC Security gpg-stash - a tiny utility to make personal key management easier Copied mostly straight from github - head there for more info on the project and to clone the repo. I wanted simple in-memory-stash for credentials and other things you'd ...
https://matevi.sh/ Domain (2 from this site)

learning python | one man's journey into python…

Skip to content learning python one man's journey into python… Menu and widgets Search for: Forums learning python fourms Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS WordPress.org Pages Article Suggestion? Contact Me Tutorial Index Who Am I? Recent Posts Learning Python Update MemeToad 1.0.5 Released ...
http://www.learningpython.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

KEYSTONE - Develop modern, high-quality business software in a breeze.

Develop modern, high-quality business software in a breeze. Start now KEYSTONE is a modern, multi-paradigm, data-centric software development framework whose main goal is to assist developers like you in the building of great business software, quickly and without compromising quality or architectural value. A unique ...
https://keystoneframework.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Ewen Cheslack-Postava

Ewen Cheslack-Postava me@ewencp.org @ewencp I make stuff with code. Currently working @confluent . Previously, I worked on StraightUp/Lextile, trying to help people get more out of the news. Earlier, I spent too many years on my C.S. Ph.D. at Stanford , working with Phil Levis ...
https://ewencp.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

NFORM | Perth, Australia | ERP, Business Intelligence & Operations - Perth, Australia

ERP, Business Intelligence & Operations - Perth, Australia
https://nform.com.au/ Domain (1 from this site)

Anargyros Tomaras | Keep calm and code C#

Keep calm and code C#
https://atomaras.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Harry's Blog | Thoughts, ponderings, and things I've learned

Harry's Blog Thoughts, ponderings, and things I've learned Search Main menu Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Home Books Growth Hacking Interesting Blogs Notes Services Post navigation ← Older posts Redacted! Posted on August 20, 2015 by Harry Reply I just completed an ...
http://www.harrymarshall.me/ Domain (1 from this site)

Alexandre Vassalotti

Alexandre Vassalotti Why you cannot pickle generators December 29, 2009 · Filed under Python Joseph Turian wrote a post about regarding pickling generator on his blog. In his post, he says: However, generators become problematic when you want to persist your experiment’s state in order ...
http://peadrop.com/blog/ Domain (1 from this site)

C++ Grandmaster Certification [CPPGM]

C++ Grandmaster Certificaiton [CPPGM]
http://cppgm.org Domain (1 from this site)

pleiotropy | ramblings on computers, biology, politics, and books

ramblings on computers, biology, politics, and books
https://erikclarke.net/ Domain (1 from this site)

/src$ make - Home

Home About Directory Contact Home About Directory Contact Editing A Bitbucket Pull Request (And Squashing Git Commits) 2/15/2019 You can watch the youtube video explaining and demoing this topic here . Introduction In a previous blogpost , we learned how to make a Pull Request ...
https://www.srcmake.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Crazy Eddie's Crazy C++ | Sometimes, just because I can.

Sometimes, just because I can.
https://crazycpp.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

NDoc Online

Welcome to NDoc NDoc 1.3.1 NDoc Online Links User's Guide WIKI Get Involved Get Support Programmer's Reference SourceForge Foundry Downloads NDoc 1.3.1 Latest 'Stable' Source Latest Dev Source All Downloads RSS Project News NDoc Code Documentation Generator for .NET NDoc generates class library documentation
http://ndoc.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

diofeher's website

diofeher's website
http://www.diofeher.net Domain (1 from this site)

Learning by blogging

skip to main | skip to sidebar Learning by blogging среда, 15 сентября 2010 г. Bad news, everyone! If it is true.. update (18/09/2010/): Microsoft has released an advisory to help customers understand the vulnerability and apply workarounds to secure their sites. The advisory is ...
http://omari-o.blogspot.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Harsh Thaker - Deep Learning

Deep Learning
https://harshthaker.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Power Of Python | A Dedicated Blog For Python Programming New aspirants

A Dedicated Blog For Python Programming New aspirants
https://powerofpython.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Alf on programming (mostly C++) | Just another WordPress.com site

Just another WordPress.com site
https://alfps.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Useful Stuff - Learn it, then use it.

Learn it, then use it.
http://usefulstuff.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

Fatiando a Terra: modeling and inversion — Fatiando 0.5

fatiando 0.5 Install Gallery API Docs Contribute Site An open-source Python library for modeling and inversion in geophysics. Our goal is provide a comprehensive and extensible framework for geophysical data analysis and the development of new methodologies. Research Make your research more reproducible by writing ...
https://www.fatiando.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

arv-o-matic ← The Weblog of Erik Arvidsson

arv-o-matic The Weblog of Erik Arvidsson Blog 1 2 3 4 5 6 … 22 Next » Traceur on JavaScript Jabber Sep 1 2014 Last week the interview with me on JavaScript Jabber went live. The interview is a about Traceur but we also ended ...
http://erik.eae.net Domain (1 from this site)

Ada 2012

Ada 2012 What's New? Ada Passion Why use Ada? Resources The Logo Engineering Reliability Safety Security Ada 2012 is the next generation of the world’s premier programming language for engineering safe, secure and reliable software. In an era where software is literally touching every part ...
http://ada2012.org Domain (2 from this site)

All You Need is C++11

a blog about C++11 features and coding practices
http://cpplove.blogspot.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


Home Introduction Documentation Download License Participating Bugtracking OpenMesh OpenFlipper Contact OpenVolumeMesh A Generic and Versatile Index-Based Data Structure for Polytopal Meshes OpenVolumeMesh is a generic data structure for the comfortable handling of arbitrary polytopal meshes. Its concepts are closely r
http://openvolumemesh.org Domain (2 from this site)

Keras Activations | Deeplearning4j

Quickstart Guide API Examples Tutorials Support 1.0.0-beta3 Keras Activations Guide Keras Import Arbiter Overview Layer Spaces Parameter Spaces DataVec Overview Records Reductions Schema Serialization Transforms Analysis Readers Conditions Executors Filters Operations Normalization Visualization Mobile Android Overview
https://deeplearning4j.org/docs/latest/keras-import-activations Domain (2 from this site)

Thomas Dohse

Thomas Dohse Short stories about software engineering Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Iterator is a design pattern Iterators are used so frequently that they have become implicit in modern programming environments, with foreach loops replacing explicit getIterator() and next() calls in typical designs. It is therefore ...
http://www.dohse.us/ Domain (1 from this site)

Aaron Meurer's SymPy Blog | My blog on my work on SymPy and other fun ...

My blog on my work on SymPy and other fun stuff.
https://asmeurersympy.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)


Login Facebook | Google | Github Toggle navigation Teach and Learn New! Interactive IPython Tutorials Demo Tutorials Code Snippets Educational Resources Wiki Pages Forum Blog Announcements Events News Packages Select list: All Sections All Teach and Learn Posts Tutorials Code Snippet
http://www.astropython.org Domain (1 from this site)

A dream of reason · discussions about this, that, and the other

My personal blog, wherein I discuss programming, disability, literature, and everything in between. Home Twitter Feed Github projects Bay Area Hackathon About me Currently reading: The Open Society and Its Enemies Political Liberalism Last updated October 08, 2015. © James Tranovich 2015. All rights reserved. ...
http://tranovich.io Domain (1 from this site)

Getting query results

Getting query results Prev Chapter 3. Tutorial Next Getting query results Obviously not all queries are commands--the more common kind actually returns useful data. Result data in libpqxx ™ are encapsulated in a result object, which acts as a container similar to the STL's vector ...
http://pqxx.org/devprojects/libpqxx/doc/stable/html/Tutorial/ch03s06.html Domain (1 from this site)


cppreference.com Search Create account Log in Namespaces Page Discussion Variants Views View View source History Actions C and C++ reference From cppreference.com C++ reference C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20 Compiler support Freestanding implementations Language Basic concepts C++ Keywords Preprocessor Expres
https://en.cppreference.com/w/ Domain (1 from this site)

David Neiss' Blog | Hacking around with some stuff…

Hacking around with some stuff...
https://davidaneiss.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Apache Accumulo

Toggle navigation Download Tour Releases 2.0.0-alpha-2 (Preview Release) 1.9.3 (Latest) Archive Documentation User Manual (2.x) Quickstart (1.x) User Manual (1.9) Javadocs (1.9) External Docs Archive Community Contact Us How To Contribute People Related Projects Search Apache Homepage License Sponsorship Security Thank
https://accumulo.apache.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

OpenCV 2 Cookbook

OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook Welcome to the Author's Website 0. Introduction 1. Playing with Images Installing the OpenCV Library Creating an OpenCV project with MS Visual C++ Creating an OpenCV project with Qt Loading, displaying and saving images Creating a GUI application ...
http://www.laganiere.name Domain (2 from this site)

ASTL - The Automata Standard Template Library

a generic C++ library for automata manipulation
http://astl.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

NGenLib: .Net Generics Library

NGenLib: .Net Generics Library Go to SourceForge Project Page Introduction NGenLib is a .Net library written in C# with an STL-like design that offers generic data structures, algorithms and utility classes. Download the latest version . News 15/06/2004: NGenLib 0.1 for VS2005 CTP May 2004 ...
http://ngenlib.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

SwiftDoc.org — Auto-generated documentation for Swift. Command-click no more.

Auto-generated documentation for Swift. Command-click no more.
https://swiftdoc.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

accULL | The OpenACC research implementation

The OpenACC research implementation
https://accull.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

The Avail Programming Language

The Avail Programming Language About Avail Introduction FAQ History Download Learn Documentation Glossary Community About Us Team Blogs Acknowledgments Mobile Users: Click here to view our text rendering warning. Welcome Avail is a multi-paradigmatic general purpose programming language whose feature set emphasizes sup
http://www.availlang.org/ Domain (1 from this site)


shanhe.me Programming/ 软件编程 Life/ 生活点滴 Status/ 微博动态 Blogs » Programming (Thoughts, tips, and notes, both macroscopic and microscopic) Programming Moving completed downloads to a different directory in aria2 Tue, 07/07/2015 — heshan By default, aria2 does not move completed downloads to a different directory than ...
http://shanhe.me Domain (1 from this site)

Home | TECUnit Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit for the Deaf

TECUnit is a non-profit testing, evaluation and certification unit for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
http://www.tecunit.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

Aditya Bansod – Geek, traveller, casual blogger, and resident of Hayes Valley, San Francisco.

Aditya Bansod Geek, traveller, casual blogger, and resident of Hayes Valley, San Francisco. Skip to content About Our First Five Hires at Luma Health I was having a conversation with my father about how people at startups often say “I was employe X at such ...
https://www.adityabansod.net/ Domain (1 from this site)

Basic programming skills step by step HTML,CSS,SQL,JS,C# AngularJS

A website for teaching basic programming skills step by step with examples. Angular5, Csharp, HTML, Bootstrap, SQL, Javascript, Es-6, CSS, For beginners **
http://www.tutorialplanet.in/ Domain (1 from this site)

ols.io · ols.io

Creating Scala docker images with Google Jib and Maven Posted on 2019.02.03 tl;dr: Project template to dockerize a Scala application using Jib. Source on github What’s Jib Jib is a Google project to easily create optimized Docker images. Main project goals: Fast - Deploy your ...
https://ols.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

The New C++ | The latest version of C++ on steroids

The latest version of C++ on steroids
https://thenewcpp.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Justin Palmer — dealloc.me

Subscribe I make things with data at GitHub and live in beautiful Portland, Oregon. GitHub Twitter Dribbble Lab Rat Revenge Contact: justin@labratrevenge.com Newest Articles 24 May 2014 → Finding the perfect house using open data 31 Dec 2013 → Defense Wins Championships - Hope for ...
http://dealloc.me Domain (1 from this site)

Christian Rolle

Are you looking for a full-stack Ruby on Rails web developer? Then you've come to the right place. Project management and extensive experience as a developer.
http://www.chrisrolle.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Modware - An Object Oriented Perl Interface to Chado

Modware and Object-oriented API for Chado.
http://gmod-ware.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

FreeBASIC Standard C++ Library Port (fbstd)

The FreeBASIC Standard C++ Library Port (fbstd) A crossplatform implementation of the C++ Standard Library written in FreeBASIC [ News ] [ Overview ] [ Download ] [ Documentation ] [ Links ] News Friday, May 4th, 2007 stylin - Website launched. Enjoy :) stylin ...
http://fbstd.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)


SimpleBaseLib Organization This library is designed to provide a simple foundation for research programming projects. The library is divided into several sections: core: This section provides basic data types (strings, arrays, dictionaries, etc.). It includes configuration files and command registration, allowing the q
http://simple-base-lib.org Domain (1 from this site)

Java Collections Framework | YieldNull

Toggle navigation >>> YieldNull /blog /archives /github /about Java Collections Framework 2018-02-05 18:24:36 / Update: 2018-05-21 13:34:33 / Java / Comments / 629 hits (主要是画了个类图,下文都是照搬Oracle的文档) 1. Collection interfaces Collection - A group of objects. No assumptions are made about the order of the collection (if ...
https://yieldnull.com/blog/e73f77612014b22ce4da8c744532e524d0eca757/ Domain (1 from this site)

Phaultlines | Phaultlines

Home About Blog Talks Phault Lines This is a place where I occasionally dump stray words about technology and software development. I am employed by Stripe as a technical writer, maintaining product documentation. In my free time, I contribute to open source software and infrequently ...
http://blog.phault.net Domain (1 from this site)

Prabhat Rai

Skip to content Prabhat Rai Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Personal Site Menu Home Handlebars Series Client side templating Overview Basic Syntax Blocks & Contexts Block Helpers Partials & Utils Laravel Laravel Project Installer Laravel Queues About Me Creating Installer for Laravel Project When you are working ...
https://pkrai.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

Microsoft Edge web platform features status and roadmap - Microsoft Edge Development

Learn what web platform issues Microsoft Edge supports and is currently working on
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Cued Speech fully enables complete, effective communication and language acquisition in families with deaf, HH ...

Families using Cued Speech are able to fully, effectively communicate with their deaf, hard of hearing babies, children and youth of all ages in English and any international language.
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200 OK | Tulsa's Web Developer Conference | 200ok

Toggle navigation Sponsors Schedule Location Logistics Code of Conduct Buy Tickets Tulsa’s Web Developer Conference Buy your early bird tickets now! May 17th, 2019 Tulsa, Oklahoma Connect with fellow web professionals and some of the best speakers in the country for a day of presentations ...
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AS3Blog.org – Solving Annoyingly Simple Problems
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eyrie.org Git

projects / Git repositories hosted by eyrie.org. The debian/* repositories are for Debian packaging of various software packages maintained by Russ Allbery. Other repositories are either for software maintained by Russ Allbery or for pushing patches to other Git-maintained packages. For more information about most ...
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Victor Bashurov Technical Blog

Victor Bashurov Technical Blog Hints, tutorials and howtos for software developers Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Installing angular and node.js This is painful to install angular on ubuntu. I'd like to do it in a fancy way using npm tool. The instruction says that there are ...
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dhaivat home Blog Posts 22 May 2013 » My dotfiles with tmux 08 Apr 2013 » Migrate gerrit data from H2 to PostgreSQL 28 Dec 2012 » The Case of Missing Iterators in Puppet 25 Dec 2012 » Setup custom PyPI server (with DjangoPyPI and ...
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InfinityDB Embedded Java NoSQL Database with Client/Server

InfinityDB Embedded is a Java NoSQL Database, a hierarchical key value store with fast multi-core concurrency, zero administration, and encryption. InfinityDB Client/Server Database is for secure remote access to a set of InfinityDB Embedded databases with web admin, data browsing, and pattern queries.
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Mikito Takada (mixu) Software engineer @stripe ; I write books and code . Studies: LPCUWC → U. Helsinki → Aalto U. Work: Finnish Defense Forces → Own company → Zendesk → Trifacta → Stripe ! Social media: Twitter , Github Books I've written Learn CSS ...
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Spatial C++ Library: Introduction

Spatial C++ Library Generic Multi-Dimensional Containers and Spatial Operations Main Page Related Pages Namespaces Classes Examples Introduction Table of Contents Features Overview Getting the Source Status of the Library History of the Library Licensing Getting Support Change Log Installing the library Quick Starting
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Welcome to LMI

Language Matters offers interpreting and transliterating services and products on cued languages and signed languages.
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Cache-conscious STL lists

Cache-conscious STL lists
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giitaayan - Hindi Songs Lyrics

Hindi song lyrics - A searchable collection of over 11000 Hindi songs in iTrans Roman and Devanagari. Contains old and new Hindi film songs as well as non-film songs.
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programing Frameworks - Backend & Frontend Frameworks

Backend & Frontend Frameworks
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Angrez's blog

Angrez's blog Thursday, October 01, 2009 Podcast with Željko Filipin Recently I recorded a podcast with Željko Filipin. We talked on FireWatir history, Watir & Firewatir merge. Replacing JSSh with Firedriver and other stuff. Follow the link to listen to the podcast http://watirpodcast.com/27-angrez-singh-on-firewatir/
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Asp.net, MVC, C#,Jquery, Angularjs, WebAPI, HTML,Wcf, SQL

Asp.net, MVC, C#,Jquery, Angularjs, WebAPI, HTML,Wcf, SQL Life time blog 5.9.17 Visual Studio Versions Product name Framework version s Core versions Visual Studio 97 N/A N/A Visual Studio 6.0 N/A
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Gegos personal bläg

Gegos personal bläg RANT RANT RANT RANT --> SAGE SAGE SAGE SAGE 2099-01-01 Curriculum Vitae I have made a CV so yee guys can get a better view of who I am... bzr branch lp:~gustav-hartvigsson/+junk/CV English version here (Updated 2014 04 20) or Swedish version ...
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Kévin Gomez

Kévin Gomez I can git now. Bookshelf Talks About me Posts Clusters and data sharding: introducing rendezvous hashing 11 April 2019 — ~8 minutes In a previous article , I started playing with distributed systems by implementing a distributed key-value store. I used SWIM to ...
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C++Now 2014: Schedule

Check out the schedule for C++Now 2014
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computation.space (: from everyone, for everyone :) Saturday, January 12, 2019 Python coding for Architects Interesting reading: https://www.toptal.com/python/computational-geometry-in-python-from-theory-to-implementation at January 12, 2019 No comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to
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PDF Books Planet

PDF Books Planet Library of pdf books on selected topics like: Arts, Biographies, Business, Children, Cooking, History, Medicine, Mystery, Novel, Fiction Books... and much more! Search, read online, and download free books in PDF format Paste the navigation code here Selasa, 20 Mei 2014 The ...
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autodestruct : digital

skip to main | skip to sidebar This blog... ...was initially for pieces done on a computer, but has since become a free-for-all. Here you'll find process work (digital and otherwise), sketch pages and studies, sometimes with commentary. You can see the rest of my ...
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ADUG – Australian Delphi User Group

↓ Skip to Main Content Home About ADUG About ADUG ADUG Organisers ADUG Rules ADUG Membership Join ADUG Meetings Overview Monthly Meetings Adelaide Brisbane Canberra Melbourne Sydney Perth Symposiums 2019 Symposium 2018 Symposium 2017 Symposium 2016 Symposium 2015 Symposium 2014 Symposium 2013 Symposium Mailing Lists ...
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Toggle navigation DCompiler Home About Us Courses Gallery Contact Us WELCOME to DCompiler We are a group of dedicated professionals committed to provide High Quality Courses and support to our Customers throughout the Globe. We deliver round-the-clock reliable and responsive service, allowing our clients to ...
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LuaGRAPH - Design

LuaGRAPH Graph Programming with Lua Home License Features Download Installation MANUAL Running Design Graphs Nodes Edges Examples What's New Links ToDo LuaGRAPH LuaGRAPH is a binding to the graphviz library. It allows to create, manipulate, layout and render graphs using the Lua programming language. LuaGRAPH ...
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Hash Array Mapped Tree

Overview Building Usage Current status Exception safety Performance Hash Array Mapped Tree Hash Array Mapped Trie, or HAMT for short, is an interesting combination of a hash table and a trie. The definitive reference for HAMT is a publication of Phil Bagwell, Ideal hash trees ...
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NetWorkSpaces for Python

Home Docs Download Mailing List FAQ Summary NWS for R NetWorkSpaces for Python NetWorkSpaces (NWS) is a new way to write parallel programs. It allows you to take advantage of multicore and multiprocessors computers, as well as clusters, using scripting languages such as Python, R, ...
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The Developer’s Cry

The Developer’s Cry Yet another blog by a hobbyist programmer Top 10 stories Rock solid frame rates with SDL2 NSTabView tutorial The TreeView in Cocoa : an NSOutlineView tutorial Blue Pill, Red Pill Loading PNG images with libpng OS X Game Development Using Cocoa NSOpenGLView ...
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OpenRTS Real Time Strategy Engine

OpenRTS News SourceForge Page Latest Releases GameFS 0.8.0 Feature Ideas The developers would like to hear from people who have modded RTS games like Total Annihilation. We want to make OpenRTS the easiest engine around to create content for. So tell us your pet hates ...
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Truthful Technology | Team Python Training

Hands-on workshop-style Python training customized for your team's needs
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Features - gtkmm - C++ Interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME

gtkmm C++ Interfaces for GTK+ and GNOME Home License Download Documentation Development Other Resources News FAQ Wiki Mailing Lists Git Bugs Books Commercial Support Additional Resources Language Brazilian Portuguese Deutsch English Español French Greek 中文 gtkmm is the official C++ interface for the popular GUI ...
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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing Wednesday, July 4, 2012 High Performance Computing Bottom Up Tree Parallel Iterator Scheduling Scheme Hello everyone, I will be focusing on parallel computing,multithreading,multitasking,thread synchronization,and creating thread safe applications. currentl
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ExtremeJava Saturday, May 10, 2014 Java ArrayList vs CopyOnWriteArrayList ArrayList: ArrayList is a basic implementation of List interface in Collection framework.It extends AbstractList. ArrayList supports dynamic array that can grow as needed. Some of the important methods in ArrayList are void add(int index,Object
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AndyPatterns :: Home

Home Design Patterns Blog Products Sitemap Contact AndyPatterns Building a deployable Python-Electron App Here is my latest article , published on Medium, about how to use Electron as a GUI front end to Python 3. Pynsource UML tool for Python Version 1.71 - new for ...
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Hugo Blog (SEO Version)

Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again.
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Thư viện C++ - Cộng đồng sinh viên CNTT

Thư viện C++ của sinhvienit.net, ghi chú và hướng dẫn chi tiết nhất các hàm và thư viện trong C++
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SLaks . Blog Making the world a better place, one line of code at a time Showing 5 HTML posts. Show all Showing 12 Javascript posts. Show all Showing 3 iterators posts. Show all Showing 55 C# posts. Show all Showing 48 .Net posts. Show ...
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Ruby Ruby Overview, Compiler, etc. Language basics Basic Classes functions Basic Modules functions Object-oriented Programming Exceptions functions Threads functions Packages functions Meta functions Techniques Debugger External Overview CGI methods TK methods Sketchup Sketchup Sketchup API Sketchup API methods Sketchu
http://www.efalk.org/Docs/Ruby/ Domain (1 from this site)

ADF Express

ADF Express This blog discusses the ADF usage and its integration with other technologies. The views expressed on this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Thursday, May 8, 2014 How to disassociate or remove ADF Security in ...
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City in the Sky - Homepage of Dr David Barton

Homepage of Dr David Barton
http://www.cityinthesky.co.uk/ Domain (1 from this site)

code master

code master Code Mastery Takes Commitment To Bold Coding Adventures Thursday, February 14, 2019 Tic Tac Toe Sharp Though I have many years of experience in Java and Ruby, I just got my first experience in building a C# project the other day, a small ...
http://www.codemaster.blog/ Domain (1 from this site)

objSQL 3.9.0 Documentation

objSQL 3.9.0 objSQL 3.9.0 Package: objSQL Copyright: 2016 License: zlib/libpng Author: MT Jordan < mtjo62@ gmail.com > objSQL is a PHP based database access class for performing SQL queries. Designed primarily for small to medium projects, objSQL uses an object based approach in supporting multiple ...
http://objsql.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

Thinking In Code - How to design, approach, and solve programming problems.

Thinking In Code - How to design, approach, and solve programming problems. Writing code is hard. Designing code is even harder. It doesn't have to be. Learn to develop habits of good code and design. Sunday, February 17, 2013 Concept Based Polymorphism Problem We often ...
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ψ - The Letter Psi

ψ - The Letter Psi Nonsense about all good things in life and computers 2013/04/14 The trickery that is std::numeric_limits ::min() Pop quiz: what is wrong with the following C++ code: #include <limits> #include <algorithm> template<typename T> class MaxValue { public: MaxValue(): val(std::numeric_limits<T>::min()) { }
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Nette 2.4-20180918 API

Namespaces Latte Loaders Macros Runtime Nette Application Responses Routers UI Bridges ApplicationDI ApplicationLatte ApplicationTracy CacheDI CacheLatte DatabaseDI DatabaseTracy DITracy FormsDI FormsLatte Framework HttpDI HttpTracy MailDI ReflectionDI SecurityDI SecurityTracy Caching Storages ComponentModel Database C
https://api.nette.org/2.4/ Domain (1 from this site)

Codemesh, Inc.: Products for Language Interoperability

Solutions for Language Integration What we do Codemesh's integration solutions allow you to integrate products written in Java, C++, or .NET. Codemesh's patented technology (US patent #6,901,588) allows your organization to enter previously inaccessible markets or leverage existing assets written in one language, all w
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Jastor Typesafe, Ontology Driven RDF Access from Java Download Jastor 1.0.4 Java Source and Binaries Overview Jastor is a open source Java code generator that emits Java Beans from Web Ontologies ( OWL ) enabling convenient, type safe access and eventing of RDF stored in ...
http://jastor.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

libUTL++: Main Page

libUTL++ libUTL++ Documentation 1. Introduction libUTL++ is a home for code that I've reused across C++ projects over the years. Here's a brief (incomplete) overview of what's in the library: utl::Object provides a basis for commonly useful functionality such as: copying, cloning, moving comparison serialization ...
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open source C++ library for 3D (volumetric) image processing
http://imlib3d.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

O'Caml Reins Data Structure Library

O'Caml Reins Welcome to the home page for the O'Caml Reins persistent data structure library. This project began as an OCaml Summer Project sponsored by Jane St. Capital and is now continuing on here at sourceforge. Since it is my goal to include as many ...
http://ocaml-reins.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

Oren Ben-Kiki

Personal Site
http://www.ben-kiki.org/oren/ Domain (1 from this site)

Probability And Statistics Utils for Python

Probability And Statistics Utils for Python These are just some classes I wrote to do problems like Dr Ecco's Omniheurist Corner in python They are implemented in C with a python front-end, they are a good 10+ times faster than python-native implementations It currently has ...
http://probstat.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

manlio poltronieri

me me me github email + gpg goodreads resume code apple news analytics lambdas serverless system based on aws lambdas and s3 buckets to push apple news figures to the guardian's real time analytics app // scala whereis whoishiring hiring? alternative, open-source interface to the ...
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Purcell Consult -

Skip to content Purcell Consult Menu Contact Products About Newsletter Java for Newbies Search for: February 27, 2019 Bank account class example in python Python allows four different paradigms in coding. You can code using imperative, procedural, functional, or the object oriented approach in python. ...
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Python and Django

Home Courses Cisco Technologies CCNA R&S ICND-1 ICND-2 CCNA Collaboration CCNA Data Centre CCNA Security CCNP R&S CCNP Security CCIE Training Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Blockchain Basics Developing on Microsoft Azure 70-532 Implementing on Microsoft Azure 70-533 Cyber Security Microsoft Technologies
http://nexpertsacademy.com/Python&Django.html Domain (1 from this site)


javasoft.ch javasoft.ch is a collection of Java libraries for different purposes. It has been developed in the context of the PhD Thesis of Marco Terzer at ETH Zurich , Switzerland. All libraries are used in the polco tool (for polyhedral computations, e.g. the enumeration of ...
http://javasoft.ch Domain (1 from this site)

Fredrik Carlsen - frecar.no

Fredrik Carlsen blog musings tech web
http://frecar.no Domain (1 from this site)

The Ginger Project — Ginger

Navigation index next | Ginger » The Ginger Project ¶ This documentation is still very much work in progress The aim of the Ginger Project is to create a modern programming language and its ecosystem of libraries, documentation and supporting tools. The Ginger language draws ...
https://ginger.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Domain (1 from this site)


Search this site bigdatascientist.in Menu Home Placements Digital Marketing And Web Development Contact Us bigdatascientist.in Home Placements Digital Marketing And Web Development Contact Us More Home Placements Digital Marketing And Web Development Contact Us Python With Machine Learning Attend free DEMO today GET RE
https://www.bigdatascientist.in/ Domain (1 from this site)

The UK's Pioneer of 11plus education in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and surrounding tuition areas. - ...

UK's leader and elite provider of wizTeach™ courses empowering pupils to prepare for the 11 Plus GL, CEM, independent and the super-selective grammar schools examinations. Our Motto:> Teach, Guide, Lead and Inspire Pupils to be ready to surpass any obstacles.
https://www.elevenology.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

C++ Programming Tests - Sanfoundry Rank

Sanfoundry Rank Log in | Register Sanfoundry Test & Rank C++ Programming Tests Our C++ Programming Tests allow you to experience an online examination in the real-time environment. In every online test on C++ Programming, you will be presented with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) which ...
https://rank.sanfoundry.com/cplusplus-programming-tests/ Domain (1 from this site)

PHP Tech Blog

PHP Tech Blog All things PHP, Programming, and Web. Home About Suggestions Facet Style PHP Framework October 8th, 2014 No Comments Frameworks are all over these days, each one does something a little bit different than the others, trying to stand out. Honestly MVC does ...
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Home (current) Documentation Javadoc dom4j-2.1.1 dom4j-2.0.2 dom4j-1.6.1 dom4j-1.5.2 dom4j-1.4 Wiki Cookbook FAQ < dom 4 j > Flexible XML framework for Java. dom4j-1.6.1 XML Document Object Model based on Java Collections Framework Java 1.4+ Released on May 20, 2005 Download 1.6.1 dom4j-1.6.1.jar dom4j-1.6.1.tar.gz dom
https://dom4j.github.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

Getify Solutions: JavaScript Training Experts

Getify Solutions: JavaScript Training Experts Owner and Lead Trainer: Kyle Simpson We provide workshop training from intermediate to advanced skill levels, focused on JavaScript, Node.js, and related code patterns and architectures. Interested? Get in touch! Most of our trainings are also available on Frontend Masters
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WalterMilner.com © copyright 2018 Walter Milner : all rights reserved

WalterMilner.com The sub-headings are the links. Send comments and suggestions to w dot w dot milner at gmail dot com Java Problems and Solutions Some Java concepts seen as solutions to problems The Magic Pixie How computers work Random access filing About filing using.. random ...
http://waltermilner.com Domain (1 from this site)

Walter Bright Home Page

Last update Mon May 13 01:33:55 2019 Home Products · D Programming Language · D Compiler · C/C++ Compilers · DMDScript Compilers · Empire Other · Vintage Computer Magazines · Vintage PC Magazines · Vintage Magazines · Garage Sale · Audiotron Walter Bright Twitter: @WalterBright ...
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MXML library

Minimal XML - Dom oriented library By Giancarlo Niccolai For the impatients: download it! NEWS! 2004-04-11 : Mxmlplus 0.9.2 is out. This version adds several bug fixes, MSVC build environment and a path oriented iterator. A little more bug cleanup and version 1.0 will be ...
http://mxml.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

docteurklein's tentative to write stuff

Thoughts on programming
http://docteurklein.github.io Domain (1 from this site)


PHP4Mono is a compiler that enables PHP code to run on Mono. It is written in C# and translates PHP scripts to Common Intermediate Language (CIL). Like that PHP scripts can be executed as console applications on Mono.
http://php4mono.sourceforge.net Domain (1 from this site)

Pedro Fortuny Ayuso

Pedro Fortuny Ayuso Profesor Contratado Doctor (Interino), Matemática Aplicada Escuela Politécnica de Ingeniería de Gijón. — Material didáctico para alumnos de Uniovi — Blog Algunos amigos quisieron que comenzara a escribir mis reflexiones . Professional and personal interests I am currently a 'Profesor Ayudante Docto
https://pfortuny.net/ Domain (1 from this site)

Ramblings of fiddur

Ramblings about biohacking, programming, gardening, brewing (mead & beer), parenting, learning and growing from a barefoot pagan programming biohacker. By and about Fredrik Liljegren.
https://fredrik.liljegren.org/ Domain (1 from this site)

Greg Elizondo

Greg Elizondo navigation home github twitter about MBA, marketer, Rubyist in training Blog Posts 30 Jun 2014 » Learning How to Refactor Your Ruby Code with Codewars 27 May 2014 » Custom Iterators and yield 21 Mar 2014 » Using Modules 11 Mar 2014 » ...
http://gregelizondo.github.io Domain (1 from this site)

Streamz — Streamz 0.0.1 documentation

Streamz latest Contents Core Streams DataFrames Dask Integration Collections API Collections API Asynchronous Computation Streamz Docs » Streamz Edit on GitHub Streamz ¶ Streamz helps you build pipelines to manage continuous streams of data. It is simple to use in simple cases, but also supports ...
https://streamz.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Domain (1 from this site)

Guzzle | PHP HTTP client and framework for consuming RESTful web services — Guzzle documentation

Toggle navigation Guzzle Home Docs API GitHub Forum IRC Navigation index next | Guzzle » Guzzle Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client & framework for building RESTful web service clients. View Guzzle on GitHub Read the docs Tweet Follow @mtdowling Introducing Guzzle Guzzle takes the ...
https://guzzle3.readthedocs.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

Alabama Licensure Board for Interpreters and Transliterators

Alabama Licensure Board for Interpreters and Transliterators
http://www.albit.alabama.gov Domain (2 from this site)

Welcome to Ouzo docs — Ouzo documentation

Ouzo latest Framework Project structure explained Routes ORM Tests Functional programming Autoloading classes Config FormHelper I18n Session ModelFormBuilder Goodies Arrays Strings Objects Functions FluentArray FluentIterator FluentFunctions Comparators Iterators Cache Suppliers Path Clock Joiner TimeAgo Tools Model ge
https://ouzo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Domain (1 from this site)

The Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide — Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide 1.0 documentation

Conservative Python 3 Porting Guide latest The Porting Process Tools Syntax Changes Exceptions Importing Standard Library Reorganization Numbers Strings Dictionaries Iterators Built-In Function Changes Comparing and Sorting Classes Comprehensions Other Core Object Changes Other Changes Conservative Python 3 Porting Gui
https://portingguide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ Domain (1 from this site)

Wisconsin Registry Of Interpreters For The Deaf (WisRID)

WisRID is a 50-year-old non-profit charitable organization. We strive to initiate, sponsor, promote and execute policies and activities that will further the profession of interpretation of American Sign Language and English and the transliteration of English in all modes. Contact us for more info.
http://wisrid.org Domain (1 from this site)

Presentations | Dmitry Petrashko

Toggle navigation Dmitry Petrashko Blog CV Presentations Publications Contact Presentations 2016 Scala eXchange 2016 : What should every (Dotty) developer know about hardware [slides] , [video] JVM Language Summit 2016 Santa Clara : How do we make the Dotty compiler fast [video] ScalaDays 2016 New ...
https://d-d.me:443/site/presentations/ Domain (1 from this site)

shifting bits ·

Maybe this will be a blog about programming in C, C++ and Rust. Or maybe it will be a desolate wasteland of infrequent posts and spam bot comments. Home About Archives Tags Talks Twitter GitHub © 2018. All rights reserved. shifting bits Optimising path tracing: ...
http://bitshifter.github.io/ Domain (1 from this site)

Recursive Iterator | Programming, Ideas, Concepts

Programming, Ideas, Concepts
https://recursiveiterator.wordpress.com/ Domain (1 from this site)

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