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Domain: tapas.io

Language: en

Created: 2015-08-31

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URLs for this Domain

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Creep | Tapas

Riley, a quiet teen, gains strange powers after a fruit punch related accident and is peer pressured into using his new found powers for the forces of good.

Doors at 8 | Tapas

The legend of the Jersey Devil says he was born the 13th son of a Mrs. Leeds, and that he eats children, plays guitar, and wears a leather... or at least that’s how we heard it. Join the Doors At 8 guys on this mystery ...

Integration / Interdiction | Tapas

Lan, forced on his own to a world he can't comprehend is confronted with Saya, his loud, brash neighbor. He wants nothing more than to be left alone, and she sees him as a project to be solved. But his wounds may run deeper than ...

Piratas del Cariberáneo [Español] | Tapas

¡Embárcate con Jack Sparragou y su banda a través de los Siete Mares y Pico, viviendo las más alocadas aventuras! ¡Humor, acción y mucho pescaíto frito con acento andaluz!

Idolon | Tapas

A story about life, loss, and the love found in between. i·do·lon noun 1.an idealized person or thing 2.a false idea; fallacy Updates every Tuesday and Friday. This comic contains graphic violence, drug use, and sexual content.

The Book of Michael | Tapas

Demons, devils and monsters? The world has been overrun with the worst evil has to offer. It is up to Michael to keep a group of survivors safe from the dangers of the living nightmares out to kill them.

Two Keys | Tapas

In a city split between humans and occult, Colin Aston just wants to run his diner and make bad coffee. A peaceful life isn't on the menu though, as a mysterious blonde shows up with a job only Colin is capable of performing. If he ...

Tapas: Read and Discover Comics Online

Tapas connects readers with artists to showcase the best webcomics. Discover new comics and artists, or publish your work and reach a larger audience.

Dungeon Construction Co. :: The Establishing Shot | Tapas

We keep the dungeons lit, the monsters fed, and the treasure chests filled. WE BUILD ADVENTURE. ----------

Eduardo Medeiros | Tapas

Write and draw comics. Illustrator. Books published: - MondoUrbano (onipress) - Neeb (independent) - Friquinique (beleleu) - A história mais triste do mundo ( stoutclub) - Sopa de Salsicha ( cia das letras) - Open Bar ( Panini) - Strange Tales ( Marvel) - Gothan ...

Devil Music | Tapas

"Devil Music" is an occult urban fantasy novel and webcomic series about an enslaved demon, Cain, and his hair metal band, Pseudomantis, set in the 1980s.

River City | Tapas

Crawford Stone will do anything to protect his younger brother. From bailing him out of jail in the middle of the night to standing up to their corrupt politician of a father--the only person in the world he truly fears. They have remained hidden from ...

Those Shadow People | Tapas

A story told through comics and pop music. Those Shadow People blend soulful tunes with psychedelic rock and hip-hop to set the stage for Sarah Saber. The daughter of a physicist specializing in dark matter, Sarah finds herself falling down the rabbit hole toward the ...

Sausacat | Tapas

Henry never thought that getting a cat would make his days so lively. Sausacat always finds creative ways to disturb Henry's routine.

Fin Fan | Tapas

A comic strip about... I haven't decided yet. The words "fin" and "fan" may or may not ever be of any importance.

Radioactive Panda | Tapas

Mad science run amok! Werewolves, zombies, and other assorted atrocities. Re-posting the series which ran from 2003-2006. Why now? Wouldn't you like to know.

Kinder | Tapas

Join Kinder (Kin'der), space explorer extraordinaire, as he journeys through space, time, and everything in between in search of adventure and intrigue!

KK | Tapas

I love to read and I'm 14. I love my dog

dark-moon | Tapas

Tapas connects readers with artists to showcase the best webcomics. Discover new comics and artists, or publish your work and reach a larger audience.

Kings Folly | Tapas

Updates every Friday! The eyes are the window to the soul. Those born with brightly colored souls wield unimaginable abilities, some are even rumored to be immortal. The more vibrant the color the more powerful the person but two stand far above the rest, the ...

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