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Domain: medium.com

Created: 1998-05-27

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We have 60 URLs in the English database for that domain.

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How to Get your Ex Back – Thrive Global – Medium

Every once in a while, we feel conflicted about getting back to that person or move on. You know that person has faults but your heart still tells you to go back, thinking about how good they are…

I Am A Camera – Medium

Temporary home of Jason Pettus’ personal journal, as his main website is overhauled.

2016 Index of Culture and Opportunity – Medium

The Social and Economic Trends that Shape America.

pusulatv – Medium

International news programme.

Scene and Song – Medium

Comedy Pop Culture Commentary on Movies and Music.

Perre – Medium

Interaction Design. Human-centered design portfolio with samples from Harry Potter, UCLA, Movieclips, Warner Bros., Disney, NBC, Batman.

Shabooty Gaming – Medium

Shabooty Gaming.

Michel Peters – Medium

Conseiller communal à Liège MR depuis 2006 / Président du Conseil d’administration de la Société Wallonne du Logement.

Generate Wildcard SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt/Certbot

From past few days or months, everyone on the World Wide Web is talking about SSL certificates and rushing to implement them. But Why? Cause recently google has announced, if your website, webpages…

Why you should stop using Git rebase – Fredrik V. Mørken – Medium

You love rebasing, right? Rewriting history might be appealing, but there are good reasons not to.

Millennials Aren’t Killing Shit. Capitalism is Killing Us — and Rubbing it in Our Faces

It’s a pretty tired media trope at this point, but you see it every day. Some so-called journalist regurgitating a press release from some allegedly beleaguered capitalist about their poor wee…

Build a Hadoop 3 cluster with Raspberry Pi 3 – oliver hu – Medium

After deploying a Kafka cluster with Raspberry Pi, I moved on to build a Hadoop cluster with Raspberry Pis. The latest release of Hadoop is 3.0.0. I mostly followed…

How to Hadoop at home with Raspberry Pi — Part 1 – Jason I. Carter ...

If you’re new to Raspberry PI and Hadoop and want to build a Hadoop cluster on Raspberry PI, this is definitely the place for you. Together we’re going to learn “Distributed Computing and Big Data…

The 50 Best Public Datasets for Machine Learning – Data Driven Investor – Medium

What are some open datasets for machine learning? After scrapping the web for hours after hours, we have created a great cheat sheet for high quality and diverse machine learning datasets.

Stacy Stanford – Medium

Read writing from Stacy Stanford on Medium. News & Technology Editor, writing on AI, machine learning, startups, technology, and the web. Say hello: sstanford@mlmemoirs.xyz | https://mlmemoirs.xyz.

ashleymcnamara – Medium

Read writing from ashleymcnamara on Medium. Software & Stuff @Microsoft @Azure ❤️ @Google GDE Working with Go, Linux, & Web Things 👩‍💻 Previously @Pivotal & @Rackspace Always carpin’ all them diems 💅🌈.

Nothing to Say – Charlie Deets – Medium

While playing battle royale games over the past few years, I’ve said some of these phrases a few thousand times: This language is filled with ambiguity and requires additional conversation to clarify…

Fieldbook is Shutting Down – The Fieldbook Blog – Medium

Our last day online will be Friday, June 15, 2018. After that, Fieldbook won’t be available, either on the web or via API, and any content in it will no longer be accessible. We know that some of you…

Martin Sikora – Medium

Read writing from Martin Sikora on Medium. Every day, Martin Sikora and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

basecs – Medium

Exploring the basics of computer science, every Monday, for a year.

Samuel ROZE – Medium

Read writing from Samuel ROZE on Medium. Software Engineering. Containers. APIs & IPAs. Every day, Samuel ROZE and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Valentín Muro – Medium

Read writing from Valentín Muro on Medium. Me dedico a entender cómo funcionan las cosas. Tengo un newsletter (comofuncionanlascos.as) y un podcast (ideamillonaria.com).

Gracias, Quizlyse – Diego Torres – Medium

Hace 12 meses que inicié este post. El más difícil de mi vida. No es que haya escrito mucho desde que inicié esta relación, a la que tanto, y tanto tanto he dedicado. No me arrepiento de nada, de…

Statistical NLP on OpenStreetMap: Part 2 – Al Barrentine – Medium

A while back I wrote a piece publicly introducing libpostal, an open-source, open-data-trained C library and companion NLP model for parsing and normalizing international street addresses. Since…

Hotelied Saying Goodbye – Zeev Sharon – Medium

The time has come to say goodbye. After an exciting and rapid 3.5 years, Hotelied will be shutting down today. As the CEO, I of course hoped for a different outcome, but am nevertheless proud of the…

publicitariossc – Medium

O Publicitários Social Club fala sobre o mercado, empreendedorismo, digital marketing e tudo que for ligado a publicidade.

LeanHustler – Medium

Lean стартъпи, bootstrapping, customer dev и онлайн маркетинг от ex-дизайнер.

The End – Unioncy – Medium

These are just two (cherry-picked) data points that give a little taste of Unioncy’s reach in its relatively short existence. It’s therefore a bit sad to share that the project has stopped. The…

Saying goodbye – SpaceCP – Medium

When we set out to build SpaceCP in October of 2012, we had the vision to reinvent the way people hosted and managed game servers. Back then everything was still mostly manual. Sure control panels…

The Janus Web – Medium

Techno-Progressive Politics.

Startup Muse – Medium

by Alexander Muse.

Rahul Sood – Medium

Read writing from Rahul Sood on Medium. ceo @unikrnco esports | founded voodoo acquired by hp | created microsoft ventures | advisor & investor in razer, vrvana, maingear | @seahawks diehard 12.

Peter Riverwind – Medium

Read writing from Peter Riverwind on Medium. Entrepreneur that moves to a new country to live every few months ✈️🌏. Through my travels I learn, grow, share, love and laugh. I’m learning the Bansuri flute.

Steve Rushing – Medium

Read writing from Steve Rushing on Medium. Find what you love and let it kill you. Every day, Steve Rushing and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

BZ Notes – Medium

I am an early stage VC, partner at Lux Capital. I am attracted to startups that solve real, practical problems with technically ambitious solutions. Passionate about tech, entrepreneurship and social good. I like tacos and café lattes.

Katherine Fugate – Medium

Read writing from Katherine Fugate on Medium. Writer. Director. Activist. Mom. Creator/EP of "Army Wives." Sports Illustrated's Best Journalism 2017. Guest "The Stephanie Miller Show" Sirius XM: Progress.

VicentMarti – Medium

El día a día de un emprededor creando proyectos y startups.

Medium – a place to read and write big ideas and important stories

Welcome to Medium, a place where words matter. Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers to bring you the smartest takes on topics that matter. So whatever your interest, you can always find fresh thinking and unique perspectives.

Anna Peña i Aso – Medium

Read writing from Anna Peña i Aso on Medium. València (1986). Periodista. Fent (-me) preguntes. Buscant respostes. Resident a les xarxes socials. Sempre amb la ironia a mà.

Pantea Javidan – Medium

Read writing from Pantea Javidan on Medium. Sociologist and legal theorist, San Francisco Bay Area. Every day, Pantea Javidan and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Malte Finsterwalder – Medium

Read writing from Malte Finsterwalder on Medium. Software Developer, New Work Enthusiast, Interested in new Management and Leadership in Organizations.

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Join Medium.

How I blew myself up and created the best thing I ever made… an Interactive ...

Relax young listeners and let this old raconteur stultify your desires for cloud things and microservices and lambda expressions. Speak now in hushed tones, and lend your ears for a bend, for I shall…

Top Reasons To Opt Dedicated Server Hosting For Businesses

Businesses and organization have multiple hosting choices when it comes to making a decision of choosing a web hosting service. Among all the different types of web hosting options, dedicated hosting…

UCR Magazine – Medium

The Magazine for UC Riverside.

Jon J. Polk – Medium

Read writing from Jon J. Polk on Medium. Encouraging others to deepen their relationship with Christ and pursue God’s calling. Living in Hong Kong serving international churches and believers.

Markus Hündgen – Medium

Read writing from Markus Hündgen on Medium. CEO @ European Web Video Academy, Founder @Webvideopreis, CEO Rico Jones Digital Consulting. Every day, Markus Hündgen and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

JnJ Software – Medium

Delphi Productivity Software.

Foundry Media – Medium

Executive coaching and sales enablement. We care passionately about helping businesses to achieve high growth.

GSUMED – Medium

Galatasaray Üniversitesi Mezunlar Derneği.

Paul Bennett – Medium

Read writing from Paul Bennett on Medium. Software, Agile and various other fleeting thoughts. Every day, Paul Bennett and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Jean de La Rochebrochard – Medium

Read writing from Jean de La Rochebrochard on Medium. In search for brilliant heartful minds to empower | http://about.me/jeandlr. Every day, Jean de La Rochebrochard and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

The Silicon Valley Post – Medium

The Silicon Valley Post covers tech culture, innovation, establishment of innovators and the journey of tech entrepreneurs making their way from all corners and subcultures of the world.

Matthew’s Place – Medium

MatthewsPlace.com is a program of the Matthew Shepard Foundation| Words by & for LGBTQ+ youth | #EraseHate | Want to contribute? Email sara@matthewshepard.org.

altuure – Medium

Continous Developer Blog.


Coder, Eski MCT.

I am a Designer! I solve problems! – Wolfram Nagel – Medium

I am a Senior User Experience Designer, UI Architect and Concept Developer at TeamViewer. I am responsible for conception and design in close collaboration with product owners, product managers…

talhatarik – Medium

Yazılım notları…

Kultur-Magazin.de – Medium

Read writing from Kultur-Magazin.de on Medium. Kultur-News & Essays des Schriftstellers Peter Killert. Weitere Infos auf www.killert.de. Every day, Kultur-Magazin.de and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

Still Day One – Medium

Digital Transformation keeps transforming. We host ideas, plans, tools, point of views and all things of interest on the age that feels familiar, but has just begun today.

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